Dustin Rhodes on his retirement plans: The older I get, the harder it gets

"Whatever Tony gives me, I’ll go out there and blow it out of the park and have some fun and I’ll be sore for a week and a half after.”- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Dustin Rhodes on his retirement plans: The older I get, the harder it gets
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Dustin Rhodes stands out in the wrestling world, attracting attention since his debut. In a recent interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, he discussed his plans and retirement timeline. Despite the challenges of aging, Rhodes expressed contentment with his current health. Proud of his track record, he highlighted never having had a bad match. Reflecting nostalgically, Rhodes recalled memorable matches and moments that remain etched in his memory.

“The older I get, the harder it gets, but the thing about me is my work ethic. I work hard and every time that red light is on, I try to do my very best and so far being here for the five years here in my 50s, I’m doing amazing. I’ve not had one bad match and it’s been pretty cool to think back of all the good matches I’ve had here in AEW and I’ve wrestled everybody. It’s unbelievable, but it has been on my mind.”- Dustin Rhodes said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Although in previous years he did not have positive forecasts regarding his career, Dustin Rhodes is happy at this moment and plans to be part of the wrestling scene for the next few years. Rhodes also put the accent on AEW boss, Tony Khan, who will definitely make the final judgment regarding Dustin and his future. Rhodes is open to anything and ready to help Khan with his ideas and plans for this company.

Considering how long he has been part of the wrestling world, Rhodes believes that he can do great in other roles, not only as a wrestler. In his sentences, you can feel his willingness to help AEW no matter what. We will see what the plans of the AEW leaders are regarding this experienced wrestler, and whether they intend to use him in the future.

 “Last year I said I have one year left and I’m going past that. I don’t want to say that again because you never say never, but I see myself 2-4 more years if my legs allow me too. If Tony Khan is gratuitous enough to keep me around and keep me on television, that’s great. Whatever I can do to help, but I love producing too. That’s also what I can fall back on, so there’s a lot of good things going here. I got a lot. I take it one day at a time and one show at a time. Whatever Tony gives me, I’ll go out there and blow it out of the park and have some fun and I’ll be sore for a week and a half after.”- Rhodes said.

Dustin Rhodes on young talents in AEW

He expressed pride in his ability to stay competitive and contribute to the development of young talents in AEW. Rhodes is dedicated to assisting the next generation of superstars and values the opportunities provided by Tony.  With his considerable experience, it's evident that he can be a valuable source of support for many wrestlers. In the last few years, a new generation of wrestlers has emerged. They are ready to do great things, but for such a thing they need a real mentor. Rhodes is a person who can really be of help to Khan regarding young wrestlers. We have no doubt that Tony Khan will consider such an option in the future.

Tony Khan
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However, he admitted feeling more nervous in the last five years, especially since turning 50. Rhodes emphasized the pressure to perform flawlessly, as any mistakes could lead to suggestions that he should retire.  Considering social media in modern times and the criticism that wrestlers receive on a daily basis, it's hard to stay motivated after everything. Rhodes is certainly used to such criticism over the years, but when you are in serious age, sometimes you fear that you cannot give your best.

To maintain his standing, he has been diligently training and focusing on delivering entertaining performances. From the first day of his career, he was like that: Dedicated, motivated, and ready to give his best.

Rhodes emphasized the importance of fan support, stating that without them, arenas would feel empty and less enjoyable.

AEW fans have proven to be among the best. Despite being a relatively young company with high expectations, AEW fans continue to make a positive impression day by day. AEW is committed to moving forward, and when we think about how it started and where it is now, it's appropriate to congratulate the leaders of the company for all their achievements.

Rhodes and the leaders of this company hope to continue at the same pace in the future.