Damien Sandow on WWE exit, mental issues and changes

"I was mentally just in a very interesting place in my life. It wasn’t the best spot, shall we say?"

by Sead Dedovic
Damien Sandow on WWE exit, mental issues and changes
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Former WWE star Damien Sandow, a guest on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, discussed the necessity of taking a break after departing from WWE. Sandow admitted that he did not feel his best during his time with WWE and even after his departure. Given the challenges he faced throughout his career, it had a significant impact on his well-being. After parting ways with WWE, Sandow continued to experience a period of not feeling particularly well.

“Yes, 100%. Because I was mentally just in a very interesting place in my life. It wasn’t the best spot, shall we say? As people, not just as performers, but as humans, we have this spectrum of emotions that we go through. And as we get to different points in our life, depending on circumstances, or a number of circumstances, we can find ourselves in a good place a bad place, or just lost. I find that those times are where the most growth happens. Because it’s how you deal with it. When I left the WWE, I was really not in a good place. I had let myself down. I couldn’t look in the mirror for 18 months. I’d shave with the lights down, because it was just like this weird thing I was going through."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Sandow at that moment decided to reflect on his career and the successes he had achieved throughout it. He realized he had become a significant name not only in the world of wrestling. Analyzing his career, he decided to make more specific changes. He began working on his confidence and no longer wanted to belittle himself. Sandow thought a lot about where things had gone wrong and felt that something wasn't okay with him. When you go into a deeper analysis of your personality and career, you will certainly find things that you regret. These are the moments when you start making changes in your life.

"But eventually, like with anything it came to a point where I said all right, I’m the same guy who wrestled the invisible friggin man and made it work, what is wrong with me? I had become [someone], especially in Hollywood, which is like a weird thing. WWE, they own the name Damien Sandow. But no one can rock Sandow like I can, like Scott Hall Razor Ramon. And like the list goes on and on, whoever, we are right at our best. I think we need to kind of hold on to that when we’re at our worst because that just reminds us of what we’re capable of. So I said, Yeah, you know what, okay, and I had some management, some representation out there in Cali that I was like, No, you know what, they’re not my kind of people."

Damien Sandow on changes about his mentality

Damien Sandow talks about how it's really important to just be yourself and not let others make you change who you are. He says no to things like losing weight or changing how you look just to fit in, and thinks it's better to be true to who you really are.  A large number of individuals are ready to do everything to adapt and become successful on the wrestling scene. WWE is a company that demands shocking and unusual things. However, if you want to be a star, you must be ready for such demands.

Sandow calls Hollywood a "game," saying it's a tough and competitive place. He thinks people have to deal with a lot of challenges and politics to be successful there. This is also one of the reasons why many decide to leave WWE or feel general dissatisfaction. Although sometimes you are not ready to do something, the pressures you feel are the reason why you ultimately decide on bizarre things.

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Sandow also thinks Hollywood sells dreams that don't make much sense. He believes they often expect things that are too hard or not realistic, and he says people need to wake up to what the industry is really like. 

In the end, Sandow emphasizes he has the right to make choices that match his ideas. He thinks people who want him to change don't really understand him, and he's determined to stick to being himself no matter what others expect.

Damien is one of the wrestling figures who decided to change his mentality because he realized that the pressure and blackmail of others is not what he wanted to see in his career. Few manage to say NO to certain requests in WWE and Hollywood, but Sandow is one of those who decided to show courage.