Booker T's reaction to Rollins' comments about UFC stars making the transition to WWE

"I think the UFC fighters go to pretty much say the same thing, perhaps in a different way."- Booker T said.

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T's reaction to Rollins' comments about UFC stars making the transition to WWE
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In his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker T commented on Seth Rollins' recent statements about UFC fighters not having what it takes to transition to WWE. His comments caused a large number of reactions, considering that several UFC fighters decided to finish their UFC career and start a wrestling career. There has been an ongoing debate about the ability of UFC fighters to successfully transition and establish notable wrestling careers. According to many, Brock Lesnar stands as the prime example that possessing the necessary qualities can lead to a successful wrestling career, regardless of one's prior affiliations.

Although many expected that perhaps Booker T would react critically to Seth Rollins, he believes that his comments have their basis. However, Booker T. emphasizes that it is difficult to expect that wrestlers can make the transition to the UFC and be as good as UFC fighters. Booker T stressed it takes tremendous dedication and courage to become a UFC fighter and step into the Octagon.

“You know, Seth is a working man, Seth is doing his job. Okay. I think the UFC fighters go to pretty much say the same thing, perhaps in a different way. But I think the UFC fighter is going to say the same thing in a different way. Because Can we go in to do what the UFC guys do? No, we can’t. No way can we go over there and do what those guys do. It’s very few people in the world who have dedicated their lives to doing nothing but going out there and fighting inside a cage with other men. So that is, you know, the elite guys that do that. The professional wrestler is an elite specimen as well because he’s more of a mental guy."- Booker T said, as quoted by

Booker T explains that professional wrestling, as mentioned by Seth Rollins, involves a tough routine. Wrestlers travel to small towns, catch flights for TV shows, go on tours overseas, and quickly get ready for events like Monday Night Raw. He describes this as one of the most demanding and challenging experiences, requiring a specific kind of person. Booker T is not the only one who emphasized this.

Most of those who have previously been a part of another combat sport have emphasized how demanding WWE is in terms of travel, training, and effort. If you are not ready for such a challenge, you will certainly lose motivation over time, or you will burn out after the whole process.

Using Ronda Rousey as an example, Booker T shows how transitioning from being an Olympic judo athlete to a UFC fighter, and then trying to become a professional wrestler, is incredibly hard. He mentions Rousey's dedicated training for the Olympics since she was a kid, followed by her UFC journey. Booker T highlights how challenging it must be for her to adapt to the lifestyle of a professional wrestler. Rousey has mentioned this quite a bit. However, when you decide on something, you need to be ready to adjust and face whatever comes your way. Making a choice means being okay with everything that follows.

Ronda Rousey
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Booker T concludes by explaining that the wrestling world is very different, especially for someone fresh out of high school, like a 20-year-old, who has not experienced the physical toll of wrestling before. He emphasizes the unique challenges faced by newcomers in the wrestling industry.

Booker T on the differences in injuries between UFC fighters and wrestlers

Fans of this sport often do not understand how prepared wrestlers must be and what this sport entails. Booker T. and individuals who have been, or are still part of the wrestling scene for years, know very well what consequences their body has.

Booker T is discussing the differences in injuries between UFC fighters and wrestlers. He highlights that UFC fighters are trained to be more aggressive and cause harm to win, unlike professional wrestling. 

UFC and WWE have huge differences, which we don't even need to talk about. Anyone who follows one of these sports is well aware of the differences. Booker T just put the accent on such differences.

According to him, injuries tend to happen more quickly in UFC because of their intense training. Despite his wrestling career lasting longer, Booker T emphasized that injuries can accumulate faster in UFC fighters.  Several examples of this exist.

He appreciates Seth Rollins for staying true to his character and sharing his thoughts in that particular moment.

Each of these two sports carries a special excitement factor and has its large fan base. It is necessary to respect both UFC and wrestling companies.

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