Rollins Calls Out CM Punk: I'll Recover in Weeks, He Takes Years for the Next Injury

"One of us is a fragile old man and one of us is a young stallion."- Rollins said.

by Sead Dedovic
Rollins Calls Out CM Punk: I'll Recover in Weeks, He Takes Years for the Next Injury
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In an interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Seth Rollins expressed disappointment about CM Punk's injury at the Royal Rumble PLE. Rollins had hoped to face CM Punk in the ring and disrupt his plans. He also mentioned being skeptical about Punk's quick return due to his age. Despite his disappointment, Rollins acknowledged the need for patience, waiting for the opportunity to face Punk in the future. 

Rollins has repeatedly expressed disappointment with CM Punk's comeback to the company in recent months. This stems from Rollins' initial belief that Punk would not return to WWE. Rollins has cited various reasons for having no sympathy towards CM Punk.

“One of us is a fragile old man and one of us is a young stallion. So, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, he’ll be back in a year or two until his next injury. I don’t know, I’d love to kick the * out of him. I’m sure he’d love to get there and try to do something to me, but it’s not going to work. So, am I disappointed? I’d say a little bit. Only because I thought, if we had an opportunity to do it, stomping his head into the mat would be the best at WrestleMania. Like, it would be the best at WrestleMania, in front of the biggest audience. A little bummed by that. I feel like, he’s talking about the greatest comeback of all time, I’ll be happy to stomp out that comeback when the time comes.”- Rollins said, as quoted by

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Regarding his injury, Seth Rollins shared that when it occurred, he immediately analyzed the situation and hoped it wasn't too serious, considering WrestleMania was approaching. Being injured in such a crucial moment is certainly a disappointing thing for any wrestler, including Seth Rollins.

He felt a mix of panic and concern due to past experiences with similar injuries. Despite the initial worry, Rollins is pleased with his progress. At around three and a half weeks post-injury, his knee recovery is better than expected, and he is confident about being fully healed well before WrestleMania. 

Rollins knew his only option left was to rest and trust in his full recovery. Given the history of injuries at this company, there are always concerns. It seems that the recovery process of Rollins is going faster than he expected.

Seth Rollins explains why he doesn't like CM Punk

A few months ago, Seth Rollins explained in an interview with the media why he doesn't like CM Punk. His intolerance towards CM Punk has been noticeable for a long time.

Seth Rollins confirmed that things are not completely dark after all. CM Punk was ready to help Rollins many times in his career.

In talking about his relationship with CM Punk, Seth Rollins shared that, despite recent disagreements, he appreciates the positive impact Punk had on his wrestling career. Rollins is thankful for the help Punk provided at different times, being a good influence for an important part of his professional journey.

However, Rollins mentioned that in the last six or seven years, Punk's mindset has changed, and they haven't been on the same page. Rollins noticed a shift in Punk's behavior, with a focus more on himself. Rollins admitted he's not a fan of this recent attitude, feeling disappointed in Punk's actions and sensing a departure from the positive influence he once had. This is one of the reasons why CM Punk is criticized by wrestling and AEW fans. The change he made in his career did not cause the best reactions.

CM Punk also recently responded to a call out by Seth Rollins. Considering how long Seth Rollins called out CM Punk and mentioned him during various interviews, CM Punk obviously could no longer tolerate such statements and decided to respond in the same way.

CM Punk thinks Seth Rollins might be upset because they've both had similar experiences in wrestling. Punk suggests that Rollins might be bothered because they've both been in similar situations, but Punk might have had more varied experiences.  The two were once good friends and got along. However, over time, that relationship broke down, for who knows what reason.

Punk also points out a big difference: "We're very similar, but the difference is, I can talk about my career and not have to mention him, but he cannot talk about his career without mentioning me." 

We will see if the WWE leaders will make a spectacle in the future and offer us a great match between CM Punk and Seth Rollins. It would certainly be a great move that would cause positive reactions from the wrestling community.

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