Booker T's Advice to Young Wrestlers: Aspire to The Rock's Level

"Guys on the roster need to understand how to one day find themselves in that same spot."

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T's Advice to Young Wrestlers: Aspire to The Rock's Level
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The Rock's return is one of the main topics in the world of wrestling. Considering the mark he left and all the great matches we had the chance to watch, it's no wonder where so much noise came from after his return. 

Some oppose The Rock's return for many reasons. 

Indeed, The Rock is a legendary figure in the world of wrestling!

Booker T commented on The Rock's return in his 'Hall of Fame' podcast. Booker T thinks that some need to be more appreciative of The Rock's return.

Booker T also emphasizes that younger wrestlers must be aware that one day they will potentially find themselves in the same position as The Rock. Although many expected Cody Rhodes to get the title match, things changed at the last minute and it turned out that The Rock will face Reigns at Mania 40 in the Main Event. Wrestling fans are not happy with these decisions, considering that it was expected that Rhodes would win such a match and finally realize his dream!

“I mean, there’s so many places to shoot from, and he just gets it back and, you know, goes with the flow and lets people dictate, you know, the way things are going to go. I’ve said it once. I’ve said it 1000 times there again; you gotta like The Rock coming back. Guys on the roster need to understand how to one day find themselves in that same spot. That seems like that will be the main goal as opposed to knocking, you know, knocking the game to play, you know, seriously not to play the game."- Booker T said, as quoted by

Although Booker T somehow understands the wrestling fans and the fact that they want to see Rhodes win the title, he emphasizes that they must also be aware of the revenue. Every company, including WWE, looks at profit and how to get the best possible revenue. In such moments, they are ready to make certain moves that are not really accepted.

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"And he’s figured the game out, man, and a young guy, you know, I understand finishing the story, too. But one thing that these younger guys on the roster, younger wrestlers, and the next generation need to understand is the revenue. The eyes, you know, that someone likes the right brain, it being a part of an event like that. It’s more than just wrestling. And there again, these young guys do this in the locker room, which has that next-level potential."

Booker T. advises young wrestlers:  It’s not like Pop Warner, where everybody gets a trophy

Booker T encourages young wrestlers to plan strategically for their careers, considering opportunities beyond wrestling, similar to successful figures like John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  It is hard to expect that things always go according to plan in the world of wrestling. After all, WWE producers always try to surprise their viewers. The surprise factor has been a common thing since the creation of this company and something we are used to. WWE wouldn't be the same without it. Booker T believes that regardless of talent and everything, many will not get a real chance. There are many things that wrestlers cannot influence.

He points out that success in wrestling is challenging and not guaranteed, unlike scenarios where everyone gets a trophy. Booker T shares his experience, cautioning that attending a wrestling school doesn't automatically lead to being featured on the show. Overall, he emphasizes the competitive and selective nature of the wrestling profession, advising aspiring talents to think carefully about their paths in the industry.

The wrestling world can be cruel, and unfair. This is what those who go down that road are warned about first. Looking at the current wrestling scene, it can be seen even more. There have never been so many talented wrestlers. 

Despite everything, not every one of them can get a chance. Sometimes it's important to be patient, wait for your chance, and show everyone the talent you possess. Many of today's stars followed that path. 

In the initial stages of their careers, they did not play important roles, and their talent, persistence, and of course, the luck factor, made them reach the stars.

It will be interesting to see what WWE executives have in mind regarding Cody Rhodes and his future. Rhodes is a wrestler who has gained huge sympathy, and many want to see him win the title! However, in addition to the wrestlers, the fans also have to be patient at this moment. Rhodes is one of the wrestlers from whom fans expect the most.

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