Big E on his favorite match in his career and shares the reasons behind his choice

Big E revealed the name of the man who helped take his career in a different direction

by Sead Dedovic
Big E on his favorite match in his career and shares the reasons behind his choice
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During an interview with the Sarah O'Connell Show, Big E talked about interesting moments of his career, popular matches as well as his favorite match. Big E has had many interesting matches in his career, but one in particular stands out compared to the others. 

It is about his match with CM Punk from 2013. Big E was especially disappointed during that period, considering that WWE executives did not have any plans for him. 

Being a wrestler becomes tough when you're not included in the company's plans. It makes you wonder if the problem is with you and where things went wrong. But, even during challenging times, there's always the hope that things will get better.

“One singles matches I really couldn’t talk about for a long time, but now that he’s back, I can, is the match I had with Punk in 2013 was so important for me because at that time, I was done with the Dolph Ziggler, I moved onto AJ’s bodyguard. I was done with that, and I was really floundering. I was in a position where I wasn’t really on TV much. I remember coming to work weekly, and I would look, they’d have the card up at a certain point in the day, you see all the matches, and you see, ‘Oh, you’re not on there.’ You talk to the producers, ‘Hey, do I have a backstage segment? Do I have anything today?’ Nothing."- Big E said, as quoted by

Big E was not happy with his status within the company. He gave his best, he tried to 'come to the surface', but WWE executives still didn't see him as a central figure. Big E knew that it would take some time to make a name for himself and get certain privileges. However, the email that Big E received was cause for happiness.

"Do enough of that, and you realize, this is not going great. Especially because I’m not that established. My time on the main roster has been about me being a heater or a bodyguard. It’s always been about…I’ve never been the central focus at that time. It was the start of the day, I believe it was Monday Night Raw. Once again, I was not booked, but I opened up my email, and at the time, they would email you your travel for the next week. I got me travel for the next week, and at the time, it was, we’d shoot Raw, we’d shoot SmackDown the next day. Raw was live, SmackDown was taped."

Big E talks about a crucial moment in his wrestling career when he received an email telling him to move from SmackDown to Raw. During that time, many wrestlers were either being sent to NXT or losing their jobs, creating a sense of urgency for Big E. 

When you are part of WWE, you are aware that your competition is huge and that you have to do your best if you want to remain part of that story. Many have made mistakes in their careers, not realizing what WWE entails.

Moving to Raw felt like a really important moment for Big E. He thought it could either make or break his wrestling career. Now, when he looks back, he thinks that this move was crucial in keeping his career going. He feels that without this move, his journey in wrestling might have come to an end ten years ago.

Big E shares how he discovered that CM Punk wanted to work with him

In another important moment, Big E shares how he discovered that CM Punk wanted to work with him. On the day of their match, he felt pressure to deliver a great performance. 

CM Punk
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Although many use the opportunity to call out CM Punk for certain things, this experienced wrestler has shown many times in his career that he knows how to recognize talent, but also how to help many. Despite his interesting nature, CM Punk is a persona who has always strived to be of service to others.

Later, Punk's wife, AJ, revealed that Punk had specifically asked to work with Big E. Grateful for the opportunity, Big E credits Punk for supporting him behind the scenes. 

This revelation not only boosted his confidence but also allowed him to express gratitude to Punk for recognizing his talent and advocating for deserving opportunities in the wrestling world.

In the end, Big E emphasized that he would not know where his career would have gone if CM Punk had not recognized his talent. He will never forget that.