Shelton Benjamin breaks the curse!

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Shelton Benjamin breaks the curse!

It is known that the history of WWE and that of pro-wrestling in general are made of records, streaks, unbeaten strips and even defeat strips, such as the very long Goldberg streak in WCW or Asuka's at NXT , passing through that of Undertaker's Wrestlemania, up to the one we want to talk about today.

The very particular streak we want to be part of today, lasted for 14 years and featured the new 24/7 WWE champion, Shelton Benjamin. With the victory of the green-gold title of the McMahon federation, in fact, Benjamin put an end to a long list of on-screen defeats on Monday Night Raw that had lasted since 2006, with the athlete who actually entered the MVP stable and Bobby Lashley, perhaps to retire on his career lately quite subdued.

Shelton Benjamin and Raw's 14-year-old streak

The sensational fact that hadn't happened since 2006 was a victory in a 1 vs 1 match on Monday Night Raw. Shelton Benjamin hasn't won a single match of any kind since his last match against Super Crazy 14 years ago.

The sensational curiosity came from the well-known WWE Stats & Info Twitter account, which deals with the most important and curious statistics of the Federation of Stamford and of the other wrestling federations in general.

As reported by the account, in fact: "The new 24/7 WWE champion Shelton Benjamin managed to ring a single win at Raw by playing R-Truth.
It is Raw's first 1 vs 1 win since Super Crazy's defeat in 2006 ... before the Iphone was introduced, before the premiere of The Big Bang Theory and before Twitter started using hashtags."

In practice a much more important victory than it seems, that of Shelton Benjamin against R-Truth in that of Monday Night Raw, which has certainly brought a breath of fresh air against one of the most technical athletes in recent history WWE, which has almost never been used in the last period except in some tiny corner or curtain in the McMahon rings.

Meanwhile, according to what Ringside News reports, the wrestler has had a big change in the backstage in the last few months: before he was considered only an agitator, the one who created mess from the top of his experience in WWE.

Now, however, Randy Orton is considered totally the leader of the dressing room of Raw, a person who with his veteran attitude acts as a hen and tries to help others. According to sources close to WWE, Paul Heyman recently had a strong discussion with Randy and explained to him that he must collaborate in the creation of new Superstars and that his role in WWE is also fundamental for this.