Eric Bischoff predicts AEW's announcement won't impact audience growth

“And just like everything else that we’ve seen out of AEW, a week later, it won’t matter."- Bischoff said.

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff predicts AEW's announcement won't impact audience growth
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The 83 Weeks podcast was an opportunity for WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW President Eric Bischoff to comment on AEW President Tony Khan's big announcement on Wednesday's Dynamite. 

AEW fans are excited about what's coming up next, believing that Tony Khan has something special planned. On the other hand, Eric Bischoff isn't too hopeful about AEW pleasing wrestling fans. Based on what he's seen before, Bischoff doesn't expect anything extraordinary this time.

Even though Tony Khan wants to grow his audience and get attention, Bischoff still thinks WWE is way ahead of AEW.

“And just like everything else that we’ve seen out of AEW, a week later, it won’t matter. Because it’s not going to grow the audience and all of this hype and all the anticipation of the big super surprise or whatever it is. When it’s all said and done. All three of Tony’s shows combined won’t equal one Monday Night Raw writing.”- Bischoff said, as reported by

Bischoff can't take AEW seriously. He believes that AEW is experiencing a decline day by day, and has huge problems. Eric put a special accent on their live events and the lack of interest of the fans. Bischoff has criticized AEW and their president, Tony Khan, many times before. 

Tony Khan
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Eric is not optimistic that this company can compete with WWE right now or in the future. Looking at the last few years, it is noticeable that AEW is making progress and attracting attention, but Bischoff still believes it will never have the ratings that WWE has. There are a lot of things that Eric doesn't like about AEW right now.

Fans still expect that Khan is preparing something that no one has had the chance to see so far. The impatience can be felt among wrestling and AEW fans. Let's hope that Tony can impress them.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t take anything AEW seriously right now unless there’s a big change, like we were talking about earlier, and creative. It just is what it is. Nothing’s gonna change. It’s the audience’s continuing to deteriorate. Their live event gates are continuing to deteriorate. They’re having a hard time putting 3000 people in a live dynamite. Having a hard time finding 3000 people willing to go on a two-for-one basis. Come on. It is what it is. And I know you have a different relationship there. Aaron, you’re a kinder, gentler person than I am, just by nature. I’m just like, I see it. I can’t take anything they do or say seriously, including the big announcement.”- Eric Bischoff said.

Eric Bischoff and his reasons for not liking AEW

What happened a month ago is also interesting, which is one of the reasons why Bischoff has an aversion to AEW. Namely, Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff had a verbal fight. In one of the podcasts, FTR characterized Bischoff as a miserable person who is angry because AEW didn't want to hire him. Eric, as always, had an answer to such callouts.

Eric Bischoff addressed the situation on his 83 Weeks podcast. He expressed gratitude that he doesn't have to work for Tony Khan, citing an incident two years ago when Khan made what Bischoff deemed an ignorant comment about Ted Turner. 

Bischoff explained that he had been supportive of Khan until that point but found the comment disrespectful and ignorant. He mentioned that Khan's knowledge about WCW seemed limited to what Dave Meltzer told him and shared that once someone publicly disrespects someone he respects, they go on a different list, irrespective of their status as a wrestling company owner or a trust fund baby. This incident led to Bischoff losing respect for Tony Khan.

From that moment on, Bischoff lost respect for Khan, but also for AEW. He is not optimistic that this wrestling company can achieve greater progress under the leadership of a man like Tony Khan. 

Although AEW tends to grow from year to year, Bischoff still believes that WWE cannot be 'jumped' by anyone. The situation on the wrestling scene is interesting at the moment, considering that AEW wants to take the lead, while on the other hand, WWE is trying to maintain a leadership role in the world of wrestling. 

Things like this make both sides strive for progress, and that's what wrestling fans can enjoy the most.

WWE is also preparing great things in the coming weeks and months. This year will be an opportunity for both companies to surprise fans and shock them with something completely new.

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