Mick Foley Reveals WrestleMania Regrets: Pressure, The Rock, and Overwhelm

"There was a ton of pressure on me, and then when I walked out to the Garden, I felt overwhelmed."

by Sead Dedovic
Mick Foley Reveals WrestleMania Regrets: Pressure, The Rock, and Overwhelm
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The Foley is Pod podcast was an opportunity for Mick Foley to talk about interesting things from his career and his plans for the future. One of the topics was the match with The Rock at Wrestle Mania. 

There were great expectations from that match, considering that The Rock was a big star even then, maybe even bigger than now. 

On the other hand, Foley was also a great wrestler who attracted a lot of attention. Wrestling fans and the public were excited and eagerly awaited these two great wrestlers in the ring. Foley emphasized in his podcast that he was not happy with the match for several reasons. Number one, Foley was feeling a huge amount of pressure at that point and things seemed too 'robotic'. 

Entering the ring with such a star at that moment was not easy. It seems that Mick put the greatest focus on not making a mistake. Being under such pressure is hard.

“Only because I didn’t dig down deep. Only because I set my sights on having a good match and not messing up. There was a ton of pressure on me, and then when I walked out to the Garden, I felt overwhelmed. I’m walking there with The Rock, who at that point was one of the biggest stars in the world. Now he’s the biggest star, but 20 years ago he was certainly one of the biggest stars."- Mick Foley said, as reported by pwmania.com

The fact that Nature Boy was part of the show created even more pressure on Foley. Madison Square Garden was full, and many eyes were on Foley and his performance. 

Preparation for such a match required great effort. Foley was coming back from an injury, and he knew that he had to be as ready as possible for this kind of challenge. 

However, preparing and being in the ring is a completely different matter. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for him and an opportunity to learn new things.

"Then you have the Nature Boy who’s always feeling it. He’s on and I just felt suddenly overwhelmed. It’s Madison Square Garden. I haven’t wrestled in five months. I had worked for six months to drop 70 pounds, but I was blown up in ungodly fast fashion when I faced off against Randy. I remember thinking, like, as we’re slugging away, I’m like, how could I possibly be, you know, gassed out as hard as I work, you know, night in and night out going to the Gold’s Gym at 1 AM in the freezing cold. I’ve thought, Okay, I’m ready, you know, and from the standpoint of being on the bike or the elliptical, I felt like I was ready and then you get in there and it’s a whole different ball game."

Many wrestlers who were a part of Wrestle Mania have repeatedly emphasized the effort required by Wrestle Mania and how it is necessary to train day in and day out in order to be ready. Those less experienced wrestlers had huge problems to go out on the big stage and show their qualities in front of such a large number of people.

Mick Foley on the possibility of having a final match in WWE

Wrestling fans are hoping to get a chance to see Mick Foley's last match, regardless of the fact that Foley is 58 years old.

Foley explained his hesitancy to have a final match in WWE, expressing concerns about the potential for a graphic and physically demanding spectacle. He mentioned discussing the idea with his children, who were worried about potential injuries. Foley stressed that while he wouldn't mind a few stitches, the idea of significant physical harm, especially to his brain, made him cautious.  

Mick Foley
Mick Foley© Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment

Although wrestling fans hope that Foley could enter the ring, his plans are somewhat different. The consequences that could follow are why Foley had a dilemma. At this age, he certainly does not need an injury that would cause him problems in the future.

He humorously touched upon the idea that a final match could help him lose weight, stating that it might not be everyone's preference due to its intensity. 

Foley looked back on his past efforts to lose weight, recalling the WrestleMania commitment in which he had originally pledged to drop 80 pounds. Even though he had already lost 50 pounds, he mentioned that he might think about revisiting the idea down the road, without any particular motivation, keeping the possibility open for future consideration.

Foley is a person who left a big mark on the wrestling scene. However, it is difficult to expect that we will see his final match, considering all the circumstances.

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