The Goddess Jade Cargill: "In WWE I want to become a WWE Legend!"

Jade Cargill has finally debuted in WWE during the Women's Royal Rumble

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The Goddess Jade Cargill: "In WWE I want to become a WWE Legend!"
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Like a wrestling goddess, Jade Cargill has finally debuted in WWE. During the Women's Royal Rumble, Jade finally made her debut in the WWE rings, cheered by the crowd. Before clashing with Bianca Belair, Jade eliminated Nia Jax, to the delight of those present, only to be eliminated by Liv Morgan with an obLIVion from the apron outside the ring.

Interviewed by journalist Denise Salcedo, Jade told: "We'll see what happens. I think I'd rather work with the great Bianca Belair. I think she's phenomenal, she's a great representation for the African-American community. We'll make magic, whether we work against or together, we'll make magic."

However, regarding the Samoan's elimination, it was pointed out to Jade that she also had time to pose before throwing her over the top rope. "Of course, I always pose. I think Nia Jax is one of the strongest women in the locker room. For me to go out there and dominate her and take her out, it made me feel like I was doing something big for the women's division."

Jade Cargill
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Jade Cargill later said: "I was ecstatic. The locker room showed me nothing but love! I was a little nervous, but once I heard the sound of the WWE universe, I felt like I couldn't be questioned."

When asked what she sees in her future with WWE, she responded, "Being a legend. It's going to happen. Obviously, I've taken steps, I've put in the work, I've put my head down, and I'm still hungry." and have respect. I want to be a Hall of Famer, that's what I'm going to be."

In her latest interview with the Dallas Morning News, Jade wanted to reassure her fans, encouraging them to wait a little longer for her debut, saying:

"So, you're asking me what I have in store for my fans! So, listen, I think my fan base still needs to be a little patient. I think they need to understand that we are creating a diamond. We are creating something unique that will be a real legacy.

We're creating something that's going to resonate and make waves not only in wrestling culture, but in pop culture and everything else. They're working for my success, don't rush success.

The WWE Universe knows exactly what it has to do. I trust them. I believe in the system. And when they see me in the ring, then there will be no turning back from there. But once again, I dictate the times and everyone will have to be patient."

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