Matt Riddle reveals: How personal struggles became a crucial part of WWE storytelling

“Part of it’s real because you know, my ex-wife did divorce me."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Matt Riddle reveals: How personal struggles became a crucial part of WWE storytelling
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On INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Matt Riddle had the chance to discuss interesting topics and share stories from his career. One of the topics was the storyline with Seth Rollins in 2022, where Riddle surprised everyone by revealing that it was connected to his real-life situation. At that time, Riddle was going through a divorce, and his busy work schedule made it difficult for him to spend time with his children. This challenge became part of the storyline as they aimed to make the most of the moment. Known for his creative ideas, similar to Seth Rollins, Riddle's goal was to entertain the audience and put on a great show, no matter the circumstances.

“Part of it’s real because you know, my ex-wife did divorce me. And when you’re traveling as much as I am and everything it’s done, I really don’t have a leg to stand as though like I’ll be home to raise the kids. I’m gone all the time. My schedule is not consistent during the week. So you know, I didn’t really get full custody of the kids. I get to see them, I see them like every week. I pay child support, I pay for everything. But yeah, but at the same time I figured there was already some rumours, this that and the other thing, you might as well. When we started this, he had Cody and Randy got hurt."- he said, as quoted by

Regarding the collaboration with Rollins, Riddle explained that their on-screen partnership wasn't originally planned, as prior ideas with other wrestlers had fallen through.  

However, given the creativity of WWE executives, as well as them, they knew they had to experiment and try some other options.

Instead of settling for a generic wrestling plot, they wanted to create something with depth and longevity. Riddle also suggested injecting some verbal sparring into their performances, proposing that Rollins label him a "deadbeat dad" to infuse an edgier element into their storyline.  Such an option seemed great to him at that moment. Riddle is a man who is ready to do anything to entertain the audience and create a spectacle.

Seth Rollins
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Riddle has always had respect for Rollins, ever since he joined the company. Although the respect was not mutual in the past, Rollins realized through the conversation with Riddle that he is a great person. Riddle is a person about whom the media writes a lot, mostly negative things. 

For this reason, many have created a wrong image of this great wrestler. However, his goal is to look back on it and build his career in the right way.

“I always liked him. But when we finally talked, he was like, well, you’re like a really cool guy. I was like, Thanks, man. He’s like, I hear all this crap about you. And I’m just like, yeah."

Matt Riddle explains why Seth Rollins didn't like him

Riddle also revealed why Rollins didn't respect him in the first place. The main culprit in the whole story is Riddle's wife, who body-shamed Becky and Mandy. What Rollins didn't know was that Riddle didn't share the same opinion as his wife. 

However, Riddle took the chance to tell Rollins that he is not the type of person to make such comments to someone. The two seem to have a great relationship now, and have become great friends.

"[Why didn’t Seth like you?] Well, my ex-wife said some stuff about Becky and Mandy. Like kind of body shaming them and Seth assumed I was like, on that boat as well, which I was not I would never body shame anybody. So then I went up to say that I apologize for my wife’s comments, and I don’t feel that way. And wished the best of luck with Becky and his new baby that was on the way.”

On a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, former WWE star Matt Riddle shared his thoughts on Randy Orton's return to the company at Survivor Series: WarGames. Orton's return caused excitement among wrestling fans, who were impatiently waiting to see Orton in the ring again.

Riddle expressed his excitement for Orton's in-ring performance, likening him to a stallion delivering powerful RKOs and making impactful moves. He also thanked Orton for being his tag team partner during a challenging time in Riddle's life, marked by a divorce.  It is one of the most difficult periods of Riddle's career, as he has emphasized many times. However, the support of his closest friends and Orton was also crucial for Riddle to get out of a difficult period.

Riddle highlighted Orton's support as a genuine brotherly presence, particularly valuable when on the road. Having someone reliable and supportive made an important difference for Riddle, and he expressed appreciation, mentioning that Randy Orton holds a special place in his heart. The two have a great relationship.