Kofi Kingston on goals for the future and The New Day's feud with Imperium

"No matter what goals you set, nothing ever goes that way. It just doesn’t."

by Sead Dedovic
Kofi Kingston on goals for the future and The New Day's feud with Imperium
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Kofi Kingston was part of Busted Open Radio where he talked about interesting things in his career and plans. There are several goals that Kingston has at the moment. His ambitions have always been the highest. 

Looking at his career, we were able to determine that. However, setting ambitions sometimes does not necessarily mean that you will achieve success. The wrestling scene can be ruthless. 

Regardless of your efforts and dedication, sometimes things don't go your way. Kingston felt it on his own. This is one of the reasons why Kingston changed his philosophy.

For him, the primary thing is to adapt to events, rather than setting goals. No one doubts that Kingston has the potential to adapt to anything, especially when we consider his qualities and experience.

“My whole thing with goals is, what I’ve learned about being in this industry is that no matter what goals you set, nothing ever goes that way. It just doesn’t. I really concentrate more on being able to adjust to whatever is thrown at me and be able to take what’s given to me and make it more than it was when it was given to me. So for example, we were just talking about this storyline-wise, me and Wood, we weren’t involved in a storyline for almost a year. Still on TV, doing stuff, having great matches, being able to do all that. But from a storyline-perspective, it wasn’t, it was NXT, when we went there and we had our whole run with the titles and all that, which was great.”- Kingston said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Kingston experienced many things in his career and learned important lessons with which he had the opportunity to progress as a wrestler. Even those experiences that he 'marks' as negative were a great chance for him to determine where he is making mistakes and what it is necessary to do to become a wrestler that many will admire.

Kofi Kingston on The New Day's feud with Imperium

Many interesting topics can be discussed with Kingston, and one of them was The New Day's feud with Imperium.

Kingston talks about how the recent developments in The New Day's storyline, particularly their conflict with Imperium, were influenced by real-life events. During a match with Giovanni, an unfortunate incident occurred as Giovanni got injured and suffered a concussion, leading to the match being stopped. Kingston points out that, while such situations are unfortunate, they sometimes create unique opportunities in storytelling.  Sometimes, even in the worst things, you can get something positive out of it. However, it is to be hoped that such situations will be as few as possible in the future.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston
Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston© Araya Doheny / Getty Images Entertainment

Due to Giovanni's injury, Kingston had to adapt and face Ludwig, allowing Gunther to reveal a different side of his character. Kingston believes that this unexpected turn of events provided Gunther and Giovanni with the chance to step out from being perceived as supporting characters and to show their personalities and abilities.

Gunther is another wrestler whom many admire. In the last few years, his popularity has skyrocketed, primarily because of his dedication, but also because of his qualities. Gunther is an example of a wrestler who works hard day in and day out.

Both are wrestlers who possess top qualities, it was just necessary to give them a chance and to show everyone that they have the potential to achieve great results.

Kingston also mentions that the storyline progressed with Woods coming in the next week, displaying a different side of himself. This contributed to the idea that The New Day was evolving and becoming more dynamic. The recent match, featuring fights in the stands and intense moments, highlighted an aggressive side of The New Day that fans hadn't seen before, or at least not frequently. 

However, this is what many wrestling fans like to see. The most important thing is to arouse interest and excitement among wrestling fans. When you succeed in this, then you are on the right track to create a new fan base and make a huge breakthrough.

Kingston takes pride in The New Day's ability to adjust to many circumstances and modify their performances based on the needs of the situation. He stresses that their aggressive side emerges when the storyline calls for it, offering a great experience for the audience. 

Many wrestlers have emphasized that adaptability is one of the most important things in the world of wrestling. It is necessary to adapt to various conditions to progress and become the best version of yourself.

Kingston has many plans for the future. Let's hope that he can give us his best.