Warnings and patience: How John Cena defied the odds in his spectacular return

"John Cena is an enigma, and John studies nutrition in what you know by eating this this morning."- Prichard said.

by Sead Dedovic
Warnings and patience: How John Cena defied the odds in his spectacular return
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The "Something To Wrestle With" podcast was an opportunity for WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard to reflect on John Cena's career, as well as the fact that Cena has always been a dedicated wrestler who strived to be the best version of himself even with injuries and obstacles. After tearing his pec, many were not optimistic that Cena would return anytime soon. However, the experienced wrestler impressed everyone. His discipline and desire are what makes Prichard especially happy. His daily life is programmed, and John is a person who pays attention to every detail.

"John Cena is an enigma, and John studies nutrition in what you know by eating this this morning. Oh, wake up at three o’clock in the morning. I’ll have a meal. That’s the kind of discipline that John Cena had. John hired a trainer to be able to, man. This is the injury; this is where I want to be right. Can you help me safely? Get back because the caution is the Marc Mero story."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

John Cena and warnings

Cena received warnings about the importance of being cautious. Even though the eagerness to return quickly is common, it's crucial to understand that an immediate comeback might not always be possible. The main message is to have patience and trust in oneself. Hurrying the recovery process can significantly increase the chances of worsening the injury and lengthening the time it takes to heal.

"Mark, you’re gonna be out for six months. No, I can get back in three…..Well, now it’s out for nine. Right. So that was a big caution for Cena. Hey, man. Don’t do not rush this. Be careful. Yeah, yeah. Just be careful. And John was an enigma, a machine that I think is a prototype."

Bruce Prichard warned that he would not recommend anyone to do what John did. Although many believe that they can beat the doctors' forecasts and perform a miracle, in most cases this is not possible. John Cena is, after all, someone who has been on the big stage for years, and a man who is different from everyone else. What also makes him different from the others is his love and passion for wrestling. He never hid how much he enjoyed being in the ring.

"But it’s right there. And John was willing to do the work. Like I don’t have to go to rehab and get it stretched by some little girl that you know. John wanted to get back in the ring. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes that’s bad. In this case, John was able to overcome the odds. I would recommend it to everybody. But John Cena didn’t believe it, you know, yeah, he was a miracle man.”

John Cena
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They kept John Cena's return a secret by making sure he was seen by everyone regularly. Cena's way of dressing, even in the rain, was always the same, so people didn't find anything unusual. This made it seem like Cena's appearances were part of his normal routine.  

WWE managers at that time knew very well how to tactics and surprise everyone. They had been preparing a surprise for a long time. That was a moment they wanted to use in the best way.

Only a few people who were directly involved knew about Cena's return, and they made sure to keep it confidential. By sharing the information only with those who needed to know, they prevented the news from spreading and kept the surprise under wraps. In essence, they used familiarity and a small group of insiders to keep Cena's return a secret.

The 2008 Royal Rumble Event was special in many ways. Prichard was just talking about it. The return of John Cena was definitely the highlight and what surprised the fans the most. Cena was the main character in that period as well and was a wrestler with one of the biggest fan bases. The fact that it all happened in Madison Square Garden made things even more special.

“The miraculous return and that’s what it was. Yes, John Cena. It was a good run. Yes, there’s a lot to it. There were a lot of guys gone, and it was Madison Square Garden. It was special. It felt bigger than it was. It wasn’t just another Rumble, man. It was the Royal Rumble match in Madison Square Garden. And it was John Cena returning when you thought you weren’t gonna see John for a long, long time.”- he concluded

John Cena