Booker T urges WWE to play their star cards right

He underscores the star power within WWE, comparing it to having a strong deck of cards.

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T urges WWE to play their star cards right
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Saturday's WWE Royal Rumble is attracting huge attention from fans who are already making predictions about what will happen. The "Hall Of Fame" podcast was an opportunity for Booker T to give his thoughts on the Royal Rumble. As a man with a huge experience behind him and someone who knows the wrestling scene well, Booker T decided to honestly say what he expects from the Royal Rumble. Booker T believes that the arrival of CM Punk is an important moment for WWE and the leaders of this company must not make mistakes from the past. CM Punk is a wrestler who knows how to make a spectacle, and Booker T has no doubts that he will play an important role. Many options are in circulation regarding CM Punk, and it will be interesting to see what will happen.

“Seth [Rollins] right now is going through what he’s going through [injury], you know, right now he’s touching go you guys see on punk back you got to do something with him. You know, you just can’t let this guy sit on the shelf and do like WCW did to bring in big-name talent. Don’t do anything with them; just pay him. That’s not a word. That’s not a wise move. There are a lot of intriguing stories that we can create with CM Punk right now."- Boker T said, as reported by

One of the options is certainly that CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble and secures his future at WrestleMania. Booker T is basing his opinion on assumptions and what WWE executives have done in the past. One such person can change a lot within the company and bring an additional excitement factor. WWE executives did not decide to sign this great wrestler for no reason.

"So I said you definitely got to do something with the Royal Rumble. I don’t know that. I mean, is it a possibility? Yes, I say it’s a big, huge possibility. CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble, which sets him up to go into WrestleMania and all of that, but he needs to get out of those. I love all of that."

The fact is that there are many interesting names in the current wrestling scene, and it is difficult to give everyone a chance. It seems that there have never been so many superstars within the company. This is one of the reasons WWE will have difficulty giving everyone a chance.

Cody Rhodes is certainly one of the biggest names, and it is certain that a lot is expected of him. It seems that Rhodes will play an important role in the Royal Rumble.

"So Cody is going back to back. As a lot, we got it. We have a lot of players right now. That’s what I love more than anything. WWE has so many players, and we tried to figure out what to do with them. So it’s a huge problem. And not just that, keep all of them to the point where they walk out that damn curtain."

Booker T on audience response

Booker T points out the enthusiastic response from the audience, noting that everyone is experiencing something similar. He underscores the star power within WWE, comparing it to having a strong deck of cards. 

Having such wrestlers who can make a spectacle at any moment and surprise the audience is a big deal. This is an opportunity that WWE must make the most of. Many believe that there has never been such strong competition.

Booker T suggests that WWE has valuable resources that need to be used wisely. Booker T advises making strategic decisions in how these resources, or "cards," are utilized to ensure success in the industry. He concludes by highlighting the importance of focusing on key personalities like CM Punk for achieving success.

Big things are expected from CM Punk, but we'll see what WWE executives intend to do. Looking at the career of this great wrestler, we can certainly expect a lot. He is a person who can surprise us at any moment, and that is what makes CM Punk special and different from the others.

WWE fans were interested in whether Hulk Hogan would attend Saturday's Royal Rumble. Booker T quickly resolved the dilemma and confirmed that Hogan won't not be part of the show.

 “I’m gonna tell you right now Hogan won’t be in the Royal Rumble just it’s gonna be too long of a walk.”

We hope that the Royal Rumble will meet our expectations this time as well and bring an excitement factor that we haven't had the chance to see before.

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