Cody Rhodes on WWE 2K24 cover experience: A dream come true

"The most exciting element of ‘finishing the story’ making it into 2K24 is that it’s all happening in real-time."

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes on WWE 2K24 cover experience: A dream come true
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According to many, Cody Rhodes is currently the most interesting name in WWE. His appearance attracts attention, and his matches imply the greatest interest. In an interview with ESPN, Rhodes reflected on his future, plans, and goals he has. One of the topics was returning to WWE as The American Nightmare. 

Rhodes thinks WWE has done a great job with everything. Although he is one of the most famous for his character, Rhodes gave credit to WWE and their great collaboration with him. For the umpteenth time, WWE executives have shown their willingness to cooperate and help Rhodes take a step up. Cody hopes to continue this collaboration in the future, as it turned out to be a great thing for him and WWE.

“Well, I feel like WWE really kind of upheld their end as far as, you know, I brought what I was doing at the time, the American Nightmare, the music, the gear, just everything. I really found who I wanted to be as a sports entertainer and a pro wrestler, but they’ve made it larger. I really do feel like it’s such a great collaborative element. I’ll give you a specific example. Kevin Dunn who directs everything you see, the woes that are happening wouldn’t have happened had he not timed it out. I never even thought to do it, time it out, blow the sky up when it happens and he made an entrance for me that I’m so excited to do and when I don’t get the chance to do it, I feel like I gypped the audience. So it feels very collaborative.”- Rhodes said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on being featured on the cover of the WWE 2K24 video game. He explained that during the filming where the cover was unveiled, the experience became more real for him. Even though he had already seen the cover before, seeing it in a larger setting made the moment more impactful. 

Being part of such a cover is certainly an honor for every wrestler, including him. With his effort and work, Rhodes managed to reach such heights and show that it was worth fighting for his position on the wrestling scene.

Rhodes talked about the aspirations that many people have when they want to become a WWE superstar or a professional wrestler. He mentioned the common struggle of setting ambitious goals and sometimes falling short. However, in the context of his recent experiences, he described the journey as "stupid fun," expressing unexpected joy and enjoyment in the process.

Rhodes pointed out that in the career of a wrestler, there will be many challenges that he will face. What is crucial is to believe that you are on the right path, even when things are not going so ideally. Cody is the best example that persistence and self-belief bring results. However, this is not the step where he'll stop. Rhodes has even bigger ambitions, although some believe that Rhodes has already reached the heights and that it is difficult to progress even further.

Cody Rhodes and his dreams

Cody Rhodes is happy that things like this happen to him. Everything he dreamed about as a boy became a reality. When you strive for success from a young age and want to become a star, it's hard to even imagine how happy you can be when you accomplish such feats. Rhodes, like any boy, imagined himself in his current role. He could hardly have expected that he would become the star he is now, but that gives him even more confidence.

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“The most exciting element of ‘finishing the story’ making it into 2K24 is that it’s all happening in real-time. I was just in a WrestleMania 39 ring basically replicating the saddest moment I’ve ever had in my career. In a wild way, it was also incredibly rewarding. I got to make the walk and main event a WrestleMania. Still, you have to win."

Cody never wanted his dreams to come true unless he earned them. However, he knows himself and his qualities well and knows that these things are the result of his work and qualities.  Rhodes is someone who does not want to stop at this!

"If I haven’t finished the story by WWE 2K25, don’t bring me back for the commercial, don’t put me on the cover, don’t put me anywhere near it. I won’t deserve it. But it’s fun that this is happening in real time, and we all get to experience it together.”

We look forward to the unfolding of his future and what Rhodes has in store for us in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years.

Cody Rhodes