Jon Moxley Opens Up: 2023 Marked His Toughest Year Yet

"There’s a lot of stuff outside of the ring and wrestling gets annoying, like it always does."

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Moxley Opens Up: 2023 Marked His Toughest Year Yet
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According to many, Jon Moxley is one of the most interesting personalities on the wrestling scene. As a guest on Comic Book, Moxley spoke about current and interesting topics in the wrestling scene, placing special emphasis on his career and the challenges he faced. Moxley encountered many obstacles in his career and had many temptations. The addiction he had created enormous problems for him during his career, and it seems that precisely because of this he never had the opportunity to give his best. Although the previous years were especially difficult for him, Moxley emphasized that 2023 was the most challenging for him. Getting sober is a huge challenge for everyone. Jon has gone to rehab many times so far, and he emphasized how difficult the process actually is, and that it entails enormous effort and desire.

"Yeah, 2023 was actually very tough. It’s been a tough couple of years actually. I went to rehab a couple of years ago, and there’s a lot more to that than what they tell you – the reality of actually stopping doing coke or go to rehab or stop drinking or whatever. Not drinking….that’s easy to a degree. It’s only one thing you got to do, just not drink. But, that was just a way of life for me for over 20 years and you mess up your brain chemistry over time. So, it’s the other side of getting everything back to normal and just figuring out how to live and while your brain kind of rewires itself and heals and comes back to normal. But what’s never been normal to you? It hadn’t been normal to me since I was like 14 or something like that. That part’s really hard. Everybody’s going to be different and will present challenges and stuff. So the last couple of years have been really challenging. There’s a lot of stuff outside of the ring and wrestling gets annoying, like it always does.”- Moxley said, as quoted by

During the AEW Continental Classic Tournament, Moxley explained how he sorted things out with his doctors around December, right when the tournament began. He honestly talked about the initial weeks being tough, but he experienced a turning point, especially after he decided to stop taking a specific medication. Moxley described a moment where he realized that he had been accepting constant challenges without actively trying to overcome them.

Jon Moxley
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In the life of every person, there will be many experiences that must be dealt with. In the case of Moxley, it seems that for years this great wrestler denied his problems and focused on the positive things in his life. However, everything that he was 'suppressing' seemed to 'hit' him at one point. Sometimes it is very difficult to deal with negative emotions, and drug and alcohol addiction is the way many try to solve the problem, but it is never a solution.

This realization served as a wake-up call for him, leading to a significant shift in his mindset. He decided to take control of his situation, and this marked a turning point in his journey. According to Moxley, the second half of the tournament was a time of positive transformation for him, contributing to an overall improvement in his well-being.

Moxley wants to focus on the positive things in life and completely change his life. Jon seems to have realized that he has been going down the wrong path for years. This time, Moxley is ready to face the problems in his life, become the best version of himself, and give wrestling fans what they want.

Jon Moxley on overcoming alcohol addiction

Moxley shared in June 2023 that overcoming alcohol addiction has been extremely tough for him. He described it as a different kind of challenge compared to his past struggles and highlighted the uncertainty of each day, not knowing what difficulties might arise. 

In trying to explain his experience, Moxley mentioned that he would like to provide a positive and encouraging response, similar to advice from a self-help book. However, he chose to be honest about the reality of the situation. While he talked about some positive aspects and expressed gratitude for his current situation, he also recognized that the choices made in life, especially regarding alcohol, come with consequences.  Every addiction brings certain consequences, Moxley was aware of that. However, the problems he faced were obviously huge for him, and alcohol was a way to escape from them.

Moxley further discussed the impact of alcohol on brain chemistry, underscoring the time and effort needed for the body to regulate itself and recover from the physical damage caused by alcohol abuse. 

We hope that Moxley will successfully fight his addiction and stay sober in the future. It is necessary to remain firm, persistent, and persevere. Although it is one of the biggest challenges, we do not doubt that Moxley can come out victorious this time as well.

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