Randy Orton reacts to LA Knight's progress and fame

"I’m curious to see how strong the crowd chants for him."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Randy Orton reacts to LA Knight's progress and fame
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Randy Orton is always an interesting interviewee, and so this time in WWE's The Bump. Randy Orton has high expectations for LA Knight and his future. This great wrestler has nothing against the success of LA Knight, as long as that success does not threaten him as a person. LA Knight is currently one of the more interesting names on the wrestling scene, and many follow his performances and progress within this company with interest.

"Too early to tell, but I have high hopes. I would love to see him happy and able to do whatever his goals are, I’d love to see him fulfill those goals. As long as they don’t get in my way, I’m fine with him doing his thing."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Randy Orton is a man with enormous experience, and he had the opportunity to watch the development and progress of many wrestlers within the WWE. Each of the wrestlers had a different experience and a different path. On such a path, you often encounter things that can set you back or make you stronger. LA Knight gained the trust of the fans in a short period and started on the road to fame. Orton is impressed with the way LA Knight handles the popularity and criticism. Orton emphasized that LA Knight is a special wrestler who has characteristics that distinguish him from other wrestlers.

"I’ve been so many guys come up, get hot, and then putter out. I’m not saying that’s him. As a matter of fact, he’s one of a kind. He’s got something different. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the fans just take to somebody that they didn’t really know so quickly."

LA Knight
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LA Knight has attracted attention in a short period. His charisma and qualities quickly surfaced, and his talent was immediately noticeable. Wrestling fans know how to recognize when someone is quality and when someone is working to be at the top of the wrestling scene.

"You’ve seen it before with guys like Kofi Kingston. They knew who these guys were for ten years, and then all of a sudden, there was this massive surge and fan following. LA Knight kind of went from zero to hero, [snaps] like that."

Randy Orton on LA Knight and the hype

At this moment, Randy Orton wants to see how long the hype around LA Knight will last. Many wrestlers had their glory days that did not last long. Looking at the history of this company, it is clear that few remain at the top during their entire career. LA Knight is a mature wrestler who was probably instructed by the legends of this sport on what it is necessary to do to stay on top. It will be interesting to follow his development and appearances within the company in the future.

"So that’s interesting. I’m curious to see how strong the crowd chants for him, how long that lasts, but even more so, how he chooses to evolve and keep those fans buying the t-shirts and chanting the catchphrases and everything like that. I think he has all the potential in the world to get that done.”

The problem for many is that fame can be dangerous. Some of the wrestlers quickly gain self-confidence, and that can be a double-edged sword. Orton emphasized that LA Knight must remain humble. This is the principle that Orton has adhered to since the beginning of his career. Randy is aware of the challenges in the career of every wrestler, and that it is easy to deviate from the right path. However, he is optimistic that LA Knight will stay on the same path and develop at the same time.

“I think as long as he stays humble and remembers that he doesn’t know it all, and that he still has a lot to learn, if he stays humble, I think he’s gonna keep doing this [mimes rising up]. But we all get in our own way sometimes, and hopefully that’s not the case with him. But I think he’s a good cat, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, he’s smart, and I know he’s here to be the man. So hopefully, he becomes the man.”

WWE has big plans for LA Knight and his future. We can expect a lot from him in the coming period. In addition to LA Knight, there are many interesting wrestlers at the moment who attract the attention of fans. It seems that year after year we witness an increasing number of talents who strive to raise the quality of WWE and show once again why this company has been No. 1 for a long time.

Randy Orton