Road Dogg reveals who is the best babyface in WWE

“I want my babyfaces to be a little more humble nowadays."

by Sead Dedovic
Road Dogg reveals who is the best babyface in WWE
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WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events "Road Dogg" Brian James is a person with huge experience in the wrestling scene, and he knows the situation well. His advice can be crucial for individuals, considering that James uses every moment to advise wrestlers on what steps they need to take if they want to succeed in the company. One of the topics of his podcast was baby faces. Brian James is unhappy with the approach of individuals who do things they shouldn't. James sent a clear message to the babyfaces.

“I want my babyfaces to be a little more humble nowadays. Everybody’s the king. Everybody’s the queen. Everybody’s the greatest in the game. Everybody’s the greatest of all time. Like, if everybody’s greatest of all time, then nobody’s the greatest of all time. So, pick and choose what you say and who you’re saying it to because I’m not buying it sometimes.”- James said, as quoted by

Road Dogg believes that Cody Rhodes is currently the top babyface in wrestling.

Cody Rhodes
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He also mentions CM Punk's return, describing him as an anti-hero who connects with fans by seemingly speaking for them.  The return of CM Punk created a lot of noise in the world of wrestling, considering his importance and past. Although few expected that CM Punk would come back, in the end, WWE executives realized that it could be a great move for the company. Only the best is expected from him in the future. There is hope and optimism that CM Punk will change his mentality this time and focus on wrestling and showing his qualities, rather than making incidents.

CM Punk
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Recently, CM Punk and Road Dogg met backstage for the first time since Punk came back to WWE.

When they saw each other, Punk stood up, they shook hands, and then Punk hugged James. James felt really humbled and even teared up because Punk was being nice, even though James had said mean things about him before.

After this meeting, James felt bad about the negative things he had said before. He believed that everything that happened during that weekend, where they spent a lot of time together working and talking about the future, was somehow planned by a higher power. This experience made James think differently about Punk and led to them having conversations about their roles and how they can work together.

This is the best indicator that opinions about someone can change. Every persona has a positive and negative side. The point is which side we will focus on. Although CM Punk is often criticized (and probably rightfully so), it is certain that he also has a positive side to his personality that he does not want to show so much. His role in WWE is completely different.

There are several other names that Road Dogg is delighted with and thinks they do a great job. WWE is a company that wants to have the best wrestlers available. In such an environment, it is realistic to expect that there are many quality wrestlers.

Seth Rollins is recognized for his reinvention and impressive work, and Daniel Bryan is praised for his versatility as both a hero and a villain. Road Dogg particularly admires Bryan's portrayal as a determined underdog who can overcome challenges, citing a memorable comeback against Brock Lesnar. Despite the tough competition, Road Dogg ultimately chooses Cody Rhodes as the best babyface in wrestling.

Road Dogg Brian James on his future

Road Dogg Brian James talked about his job on his podcast. He mentioned that he's taking on more work because there's a temporary need for someone to lead the TV part of the company. He admitted feeling a bit nervous but also excited about the challenges of live TV. Holding such a position is a great responsibility. However, throughout his career, James faced much greater challenges and responsibilities. He is ready for anything after that.

Road Dogg explained that he really likes getting ready for live TV, where they practice what they need to do before the actual show. He finds it thrilling to go through the live wrestling event, which can last for two to three hours. Even though things could go wrong, he sees it as a rewarding experience, believing that if they can get through the show without major problems, they've done a good job.

Brian James is an interesting person from whom we can expect great things in the future. His commitment, passion, and love for work are what drives him every day. There are many plans regarding WWE. James currently has several ideas in his head that he will certainly implement in the coming period. 

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