Kurt Angle explains why he turned down the opportunity to manage Matt Riddle in WWE

Sometimes happened that WWE and Angle did not find a common language

by Sead Dedovic
Kurt Angle explains why he turned down the opportunity to manage Matt Riddle in WWE
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Kurt Angle had many challenges in his career and various requests from the WWE. He never shied away from such demands, but he also wanted them to fulfill his demands and find a common language. Angle is known as a wrestler who was ready to obey the orders of the target men without any arguments. However, it sometimes happened that WWE and Angle did not find a common language. This happened at the moment when WWE executives wanted Angle to manage Riddle. However, Kurt decided to refuse such an offer, considering that the money they offered him was not enough for such a mission.

“The money was not good. They didn’t want to give me that much money and it was like, ‘Okay. I would love to manage Matt, but you gotta give me a little bit more money than that.'”- Angle said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Matt Riddle, who was featured on the podcast, shared that he's considering a comeback to MMA. He's been consistently training and feels he's always in good fighting shape. Riddle mentioned his readiness for short-notice fights during his UFC days. However, he emphasized the importance of the right fight with the right pay, as he highlighted the financial advantages in professional wrestling, especially with organizations like New Japan. This financial aspect played a crucial role in his shift from MMA to professional wrestling.

The motives of many athletes are money and nothing else. Without money, it's hard to be motivated and build your career the way you want. Huge investments are necessary, not only in oneself. You have to hire a coach, and the right people around you and start achieving your goal. Riddle will surely think carefully about his future and make the right decision.

Matt Riddle talked about teaming up with Randy Orton, expressing his excitement for Orton's return. He thanked Orton for being his tag team partner, especially during a tough time when he was going through a divorce. 

Randy Orton
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Randy Orton is a man who was of great help to many wrestlers during his career. Without his help, many of today's wrestlers would have had trouble becoming the stars they are. Orton has always been available to anyone who wanted advice or learned something new during his career. Many of the wrestlers have not forgotten these things, and Riddle is one of them. He is happy to have Orton as a friend.

Riddle emphasized how Orton, who had gone through a similar situation, acted like a true brother and provided valuable support while they were on the road. Despite Orton's reputation, Riddle appreciated his friendliness and support, mentioning that Orton holds a special place in his heart because of their connection. Their friendship will certainly last in the future. They are an example of how true friendships can last. Honesty and openness are the keys to all friendships, including theirs.

Randy Orton's return and Kurt Angle's reaction

Randy Orton's return caused a lot of reactions, and one of those who reacted to his return was Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle recently talked about AJ Styles and Randy Orton's physical changes on his podcast, the Kurt Angle Show. He mentioned that both wrestlers have been looking really strong lately. Even though WWE has rules about using substances like steroids, Angle wasn't sure if Styles and Orton were using them. 

He was particularly impressed by Randy Orton's appearance, given his claimed weight of 275 pounds. Angle noticed a picture of Orton with AJ Styles where Orton's abs and muscles stood out.  Angle is not the only one left impressed, but also all wrestling fans. Through social media, you could see how excited many are about Orton's return. It's amazing how much passion and desire Orton still has. This is exactly what made his career great: Dedication, effort and work.

Angle thought that both Styles and Orton are like examples of how you can achieve a good physique without using steroids. He believes they are following healthy practices.  AJ Styles is also an example of a wrestler who was disciplined from the first day of his career and

Angle also mentioned that Styles, who didn't used to follow a strict diet, might have changed his workout routine, including lifting heavier weights, to look better. Overall, Angle praised Styles and Orton for staying fit in a healthy way. It is interesting that many people today reach out to be fit, but not in natural ways.

Orton has serious plans this year, and he intends to do serious things. This year will offer us a lot in terms of wrestling matches. We expect surprises just like before.

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