Top Dolla on WWE mistakes and tag team match with The OC

Dolla talked about a tag team match with The OC that they lost

by Sead Dedovic
Top Dolla on WWE mistakes and tag team match with The OC
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Top Dolla was part of Busted Open Radio, where he talked about interesting topics of the wrestling scene and current events. Top Dolla is someone who is not satisfied with many things. Despite everything, he is a wrestler who wants to point out problems and tries to change them. Top Dolla thinks the company didn't know how to use Hit Row. It seems that they lacked creativity and could have done much more.

“I feel like they didn’t have an idea of how to use Hit Row. I feel like the idea of the hip-hop stable just didn’t really gel with what they had creatively and what they wanted to do creatively. The music videos that you guys see me release every week, I was doing them every week while I was there. They didn’t really have an idea or a way to integrate them into the show. Even when they asked me to do a diss song, and I did a diss song on The O.C., and it got millions of views online, and it went viral, and it was one of the biggest things people talked about that week in wrestling.”- he said, as quoted by

Dolla talked about a tag team match with The OC that they lost. He mentioned the excitement of being in a match where AJ Styles performed the Phenomenal Forearm, and Dolla was pleased to have been in the right spot for the move. Dolla shared a behind-the-scenes moment where AJ Styles, after the match, said he was happy Dolla was in the right place because AJ's hood had come up, blocking his vision. 

However, Dolla pointed out that there was no continuation of the storyline after the match, even though there were many possibilities. He believed that the lack of follow-up was due to a lack of clarity on what to do with Hit Row, and he suggested that the creative team might have had different plans for the group members.

Top Dolla
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Dolla shared that he is happy that Brianna and Tehuti (B-Fab and Ashante "Thee" Adonis) are still part of WWE. He expressed positive feelings toward them, being pleased that they are still working and involved in the shows, earning an income.  From the first day of his career, he had a great relationship with them and tried to keep it that way in the future. He is an example of a wrestler who never once wanted to be in a bad relationship with anyone within the company. In fact, he tended to make friends, socialize, and help everyone achieve their dreams. This is one of the reasons why this great wrestler is respected by everyone

Dolla clarified that he harbors no negative feelings toward anyone in WWE. However, he explained a change in focus, stating that he is now primarily concerned about his own career. 

Top Dolla and his views

He mentioned a preference for independence, expressing that he doesn't want to be part of groups like factions, tag teams, or teams. Dolla emphasized his belief in his ability to succeed individually and his determination to pursue success on his own.

When you focus on yourself and not on others, then it is certain that you have a great perspective, and you have no reason to worry about your future. Top Doll has many plans in circulation but primarily wants to be patient and see what the new day brings.

Top Dolla, also known as AJ Francis, revealed in a recent Sportskeeda interview that WWE has always been his passion, even during his NFL days. Despite enjoying his time in WWE and valuing the friendships, he talked about not being needed there, as evidenced twice. Using a relationship analogy, he compared it to not pursuing an ex-girlfriend who doesn't reciprocate feelings. Dolla expressed acceptance, stating if he's not needed, he's fine and wishes them well. He emphasized confidence in his independent journey.

Top Dolla felt upset when WWE didn't want him initially. However, he focused on showing his abilities independently and gained opportunities on shows like Pat McAfee and Fox's Big Noon Kickoff. Despite being open to a WWE return, he's not actively waiting for it, happy with his current path. Dolla emphasized his availability but made it clear he's not waiting by the phone.

It will be interesting to follow his future and see what will happen. One thing is certain: Top Dolla has the qualities for great things, but for now, he must be patient and wait for his chance. For him, the future is surely bright.

We have no doubt that this great wrestler has several options, but that he wants to think carefully about what is the best option for him.