The Undertaker shares his picks for top male wrestlers

"Although I may know a little bit about it, I’m still not convinced I got it right."- The Undertaker said.

by Sead Dedovic
The Undertaker shares his picks for top male wrestlers
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The Undertaker talked about the greatest in the history of wrestling through his YouTube channel. Considering his experience on the wrestling scene and all that he has achieved, The Undertaker's opinion is valued and deserves great respect. At the very introduction, The Undertaker was careful, because he knew that he would probably cause different reactions from the wrestling world. This great wrestler has his list, but he is not convinced that this list is correct.

“This is another Mount Rushmore list. This one I thing I know a little bit about. Although I may know a little bit about it, I’m still not convinced I got it right. This Mount Rushmore list is of the big men. The 300 plus 6’5 guys. The big men. I’m thinking who am I going to piss off the most. Well, I’m going to piss off just about everybody probably watching this, but that’s alright. I can take it.”- The Undertaker said, as quoted by

The Undertaker shared his thoughts on the greatest wrestlers, starting with Big Van Vader at number four. He praised Vader's versatility, highlighting his agility and credibility in the ring. The Undertaker emphasized Vader's significant star status, especially in Japan, and spoke about their memorable matches in WWE. He emphasized his admiration for big wrestlers who could also move athletically, with Vader serving as an example. Big Van Vader and The Undertaker have had a great relationship since day one. This could be felt during various interviews about the old The Undertaker. Big van Vader has long been a wrestler who attracted enormous attention with his appearance and performances. The Undertaker followed his work and progress for years, and admired the career that this great wrestler built.

Moving to number three on his list, The Undertaker talked about Yokozuna. He clarified that Yokozuna's placement wasn't just because they were friends but also due to Yokozuna's exceptional in-ring performances. The Undertaker is delighted with Yokozuna's agility, considering it remarkable for someone of his massive size. He recalled the impressive nature of Yokozuna's movements and their intense matches together. The Undertaker described Yokozuna as a classic big man who carried himself well, expressing his overall appreciation for the experience of watching and working with him as truly awesome.

The Undertaker talked about his top two choices for the greatest wrestlers. He placed Kane at number two, describing him as an excellent choice to start a wrestling company due to his versatility and ability to work well with anyone. The Undertaker praised Kane's athleticism and skills beyond his "monster" character. 

Kane has always been a wrestler who attracted a lot of attention and is guaranteed to deliver great performances. Precisely because of this, Kane earned everyone's respect and admiration. His career is marked by successes and great matches. Older fans of wrestling remember with nostalgia its appearance and progress year after year. The Undertaker has emphasized the respect he has for Kane and his career many times.

For the number one spot, The Undertaker picked Andre the Giant as the greatest big man in wrestling history.

Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant© Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment

He credited Andre as the face of wrestling before Hogan and highlighted his legendary status and impact on the sport. The Undertaker stressed that fans might have seen Andre during the later stages of his career, but he emphasized Andre's unmatched abilities during his prime and his widespread popularity in the wrestling world.

Andre the Giant is truly a wrestler who has remained in the history of wrestling and according to many, he is one of those who no one could match when he was in his prime. Andre the Giant is a persona that everyone admires.

The Undertaker on his top four wrestling talkers

The Undertaker recently shared his top four wrestling talkers on YouTube, leaving out managers. He commended Arn Anderson for eloquence, The Rock for charisma, creativity, Ric Flair for enduring promo skills, and crowned Dusty Rhodes as the top talker for his masterful mic work.

“Number one on my mic work. The working man, he’s wined and dined with kings and queens and ate pork and beans. I mean, the son of a plumber, if you will."

The Undertaker is especially impressed by Dusty Rhodes, who remained in his memory and whom he will never forget. Dusty is a man who really left a big mark on the wrestling scene, especially in the aspect that The Undertaker talked about. There are many wrestlers who left their mark on The Undertaker and whom he looked up to when building his career. Some helped him become a great wrestler. 

That's exactly the point of wrestling: To have someone who will help you become the best version of yourself, and find someone to look up to.

The Undertaker