Stephanie McMahon: "I am in favor of the insults of the haters!"

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Stephanie McMahon: "I am in favor of the insults of the haters!"

Stephanie McMahon has been a major WWE face for over two decades, having debuted as early as 1999 during a feud involving her father Vince McMahon and The Undertaker. Since then he has taken part in numerous storylines and even a few meetings, but his appearances on television screens have become more sporadic in recent years.

Her last official match dates back to WrestleMania 34, where she teamed up with her husband Triple H against duo Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey. Speaking on the The Playbook podcast, Stephanie revealed that she likes receiving boos from the WWE Universe.

She also explained how playing a heel role is much more interesting than being a face.

Stephanie: "The villain is a million times more interesting. Well, from a business point of view, I play a heel as a character. For this I encourage the whistles and insults from the haters.

Frankly, from a strictly narrative point of view, I find the villain a million times more intriguing than the protagonist. This is true for a book, a film, an opera, a ballet, there is always a conflict between the good and the bad to reach the solution.

It is the most basic form of storytelling there is. In WWE, our conflicts are resolved within the ring, staging some of the most spectacular sequences that can be seen in the sports entertainment business. Obviously there is a need to encourage the haters, because our goal is that their support is geared towards the good guy," said Stephanie.

The serious consequences of the pandemic have also affected WWE, which has had to lay off numerous talents and professionals. "I am happy that we have given relief to so many families during this very complicated period.

During an event some time ago, I met a mom who thanked me that WWE also aired during the pandemic. Her words strengthened me and I understood how privileged it is to be part of this environment," she concluded.

Triple H: "The Undertaker helped me win Stephanie McMahon"

During a lengthy Sports Illustrated interview, his friend and former rival Triple H said he went to Taker for advice when he started dating Stephanie McMahon (who was to become his wife).

"We spent so much time together that it made sense for me to ask him for advice. I took him aside and asked him if he wanted to be one of the groomsmen. The only people I thought of had to be like brothers to me, and most of them are from this business.

This is my life and Taker has always been like a brother to Stephanie too. There is the human being in addition to the legend in the ring, and I will always treasure our friendship," explained The Game. According to some insiders, the 'Phenom' is destined to make a few more appearances in the ring in the future, perhaps at some event in Saudi Arabia.

"In the last few months, a lot of people have asked me if I think it's right that Undertaker retires. Will he be back in two years? Won't it be a mistake? I can only express my opinion on all of this. Undertaker represents everything that is extraordinary in this business, he is unique, he is unlike any other character in history.

That's why I believe Mark Calaway should be able to do whatever he wants. He has earned this right after 30 years of extraordinary career," said HHH. So all that remains is to wait for further developments, but the impression is that this time there will be no second thoughts and that it will be difficult to convince the Digger to wear his iconic clothes again.