Trish Stratus: "About my come back on the WWE Ring I say..."

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Trish Stratus: "About my come back on the WWE Ring I say..."

In the course of an interesting interview with the microphones of the podcast Women's Wrestling Talk, the Hall of Famer and former WWE wrestler Trish Stratus talked about a hypothetical return to the center of the federation ring of Vince McMahon.

Here are her words: "If there is a possibility about something that could stimulate me in a certain way to participate, well I am open to re-entering the ring. I have always said, since the day I retired, that if there was It was an opportunity to come back for something inspiring I'm open to that and I think the fans want it too.

Something exciting for all parties involved."

Trish Stratus and some tips for new wrestlers

During the interview, the Toronto wrestler also tried to give some advice to young professional wrestlers referring to them and their being satisfied with their work.

Here are herstatements: "I know that when one has to do with wrestling and it is so intense one goes, enters and does not think. So you have to be more open and be aware of what you are accomplishing and your goals. And realize, you have to create a list and understand what you are able to do and what you cannot actually achieve."

There are many WWE Universe fans who are hoping for a return to the ring of Trish Stratus, but there will have to be many factors for this possibility come true." Her last match within the WWE took place against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019 and many are considering a return as a great hypothesis.

Recently Trish Stratus also talked about the possibility of working in the creative team but in this regard she said: "A future in WWE as a coach or in the writing team? Of course I would like it, it's an idea that excites me.

The reality is that I cannot go this route because of my family. My children are still small, one is 3 years old and the other 7 and at this point in my life I can't leave them to go back to this job." "I would like to contribute in some way, it has been good in the past to come back a couple of times and work with the young wrestlers seeing how they behaved.

Also I loved working with Finlay again, he has stimulated me and I have to say since we have together there was a great connection with him, maybe who knows we could put together ideas for some matches. I talked to Matt Bloom about going to NXT and playing a role there.

We talked about it even if so far there has never been a real agreement. I love working with young minds, I'd like to do things like Tough Enough or something like that." During the interview Trish did not even totally exclude the possibility of returning to the ring and indeed spoke of various possibilities on his involvement in WWE.