Eddie Edwards on his new TNA contract, future plans and goals

Eddie Edwards talked about the return to the name TNA and why it's a big deal

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Edwards on his new TNA contract, future plans and goals
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Eddie Edwards talked to PWMania.com's Scott Mitchell about interesting topics from his career. His decision to sign a new deal with TNA Wrestling caused a lot of reactions. Ewards emphasized that he is happy, given that he will remain in the company he has been with for years. He didn't think much of his decision, considering he had great years in TNA.  Edwards is excited about a new era in his career. TNA is a big company, and new developments regarding this company will certainly be exciting for everyone, not just Edwars. He is looking forward to new challenges in 2024. The leaders have a lot planned for this year, and Edwards will certainly be an important link in such plans.

“I think a lot of people know that this is the place I want to be. I’ve been here going on 10 years now, and I’ve stayed here that long for a reason. I always believed in what we’ve been doing and the goal is we want to accomplish it. So, my relationship with the company has always been great. To me, it has always been a no-brainer. My contract wasn’t up until the end of February, so we were ahead of schedule. We got it all set, planned out, and signed on the dotted line. To me that gives me comfort and pleasure knowing that I will be a part of TNA going forward with all this momentum that we have. To me, it’s without a doubt what I want to be a part of. We have all this momentum going forward, and with this big TNA announcement of us being back as TNA, this is an exciting time, and I wouldn’t want to miss it.”- Edwards said

Eddie Edwards talked about the return to the name TNA and why it's a big deal, not just for him but for wrestling overall. He mentioned that when he first joined the company, it was known as TNA. Then it changed to IMPACT. Now, going back to TNA brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Edwards has many memories in this company that he will never forget. Many moments marked his career and remained engraved in the memories of Edwards fans.

He explained that many fans, including himself, grew up watching TNA, and the name holds a special place for them. 

According to Eddie, the TNA name has value and reintroducing it gives the company a chance to connect with fans, both those who followed it in the past and new ones. 

TNA fans have already expressed their excitement on social media regarding the new era. Many are looking forward to the opportunity to watch big names on the wrestling scene, and hope for a spectacle this year. TNA will certainly fulfill their expectations, no one doubts that.

Eddie Edwards shared his excitement about working with wrestling legends like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and others from TNA. He explained how amazing it feels to be in the ring with people he admired before starting his career and throughout his 20 years in wrestling. 

While building his career, Edwards met many big names, from whom he had the opportunity to learn many things that he applied in his career. Edwards has never been shy about learning new things and applying them to his career. That's exactly why he's special.

For Eddie, being alongside respected names like Sabin, Tommy Dreamer, and Shelley is a dream come true. He sees it as a special achievement to have reached this point and to be part of something big with these icons. Reflecting on his journey from before he started wrestling to where he is now, it feels pretty unbelievable and special to him. 

However, anyone who knows Edwards could see that he never doubted himself and his qualities. Throughout his career, he believed that he could reach the heights.

Eddie Edwards on the upcoming Hard To Kill event

Eddie Edwards talked about the upcoming Hard To Kill event happening on January 13th, marking a new chapter for TNA Wrestling. He mentioned the excitement in the locker room because it's the first show of the year.  Excitement does not exist only in the locker room, but among all fans.

He said fans can expect a fantastic event. Eddie highlighted the unpredictability of the matches, encouraging fans to anticipate surprises. He also mentioned that Hard To Kill will offer something for everyone, from knockout matches to tag team bouts and title matches.

According to Eddie, this event is a perfect representation of TNA's spirit and a great way to start the year. He believes it will be an exciting show, living up to its name, and providing entertainment for all kinds of wrestling fans. 

Winning both the TNA and IMPACT World Heavyweight Championships was a huge deal for Eddie Edwards. He remembered his first win against Bobby Lashley for the TNA title, which surprised many, including himself. In a business full of uncertainties, that victory meant a lot because he wasn't sure if he'd ever get that chance.  This kind of victory was very important for his career and crucial for him to continue building his career in the right direction.

Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley© Bill Pugliano / Getty Images Entertainment

Being in the ring with such a wrestler and showing such qualities is impressive.  Bobby Lashley is a well-known name in the world of wrestling, and his career is truly worthy of respect. His match with Edwards fulfilled everyone's expectations. Both of them showed why they deserve to be in the very top.

The second win happened during the Pandemic, when everything felt chaotic. But becoming the champion at that uncertain time felt really special to Eddie. It was a moment he'll always remember, showing that even during tough times, good things can happen.