The Undertaker in the Hall of Fame, but when?

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The Undertaker in the Hall of Fame, but when?

In this pandemic 2020, WWE and its fans also had to say goodbye to the company's historical star, The Undertaker, who decided to hang up his boots, going to permanently withdraw from in-ring activity, after over 30 years of a majestic career.

Where it all began, at Survivor Series, WWE and Taker himself decided to end their physical work relationship, with a stint that lasted 30 years, from the 1990 edition to this 2020, which he gave to members of the WWE Universe of indescribable emotions, ranging from titled victories at the end of the streak, up to some of the most beautiful matches in history against Shawn Michaels or Triple H.

Apparently, according to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known overseas site, Wrestling News, the intent of Vince McMahon and other important WWE executives was to bring in the Ark of Glory of the federation as early as next year Deadman, introducing it once his in-ring career is over, to crown a job that lasted three decades, which fans loved to no end.

Apparently, however, these plans would have been skipped due to the pandemic, with the show dedicated to the Hall of Fame ceremony most likely coming virtually next year, with Vince McMahon wanting to avoid the introduction of one of his Most famous superstars, without a live audience to applaud.

After having decided to hold the Hall of Fame ceremony anyway even without an audience present in the hall, as happened with all the ppv from March onwards, this year, the name of The Undertaker would have been immediately discarded from the list of personalities that they would later be introduced in the class of 2021 in the Stamford Company's Ark of Glory.

It will now be seen if the Deadman's name will fall into the class of 2022 or if WWE will then have other ideas for its gravedigger once these are set aside.

Triple H's words on The Undertaker

Here are some statements made by The Game: "I can say with certainty that every time the Undertaker came here, walked through the front doors and participated, everyone who was here got better.

Everyone comes out of here with a new point of view and we're talking about one of the most knowledgeable and well-known wrestlers in the entire industry of the wrestling world. I believe that every time I talk to him I learn something new."

The current main producer of NXT continued talking about the yellow and gold brand: "By now The Undertaker is moving on to a later stage in his life. We talked about it a lot but he is aware that he has to stay here and it involves his future.

I would like to believe that he has earned the right to take a break from wrestling and we have actually talked about it in the last few days and I believe that in 2021 he will definitely be involved with us again. Obviously, I cannot fail to underline how much the figure of Taker can be of impact for us all."

We witnessed The Undertaker's last goodbye at the Survivor Series, but the wrestler had announced his retirement in the last episode of the saga "Undertaker: The Last Ride", saga on The Phenom published in recent months by WWE Network.