RVD on the importance of Mercedes Mone to women's wrestling

“I’m happy that it’s come as far as it has. And Sasha is one of the wrestlers that I think of that was on that forefront when I saw it changing."

by Sead Dedovic
RVD on the importance of Mercedes Mone to women's wrestling
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Mercedes Mone is currently one of the most interesting faces on the wrestling scene. Her career is marked by successes and great matches. The fact is that Mone has many fans, and besides, her colleagues also have a great opinion of her. Looking at her career, it is really clear how much Mone has always given her maximum and strived to be the best. This did not go unnoticed by the top guys of wrestling companies, as well as other wrestlers. Rob Van Dam is one of those who recently commented on Mone in his 1 Of a Kind podcast and had only words of praise for everything she has done in her career, especially for everything she has done for women's wrestling. It can be said that her appearance in women's wrestling made a revolution. Rob Van Dam followed her performances for a long time, analyzed her as a phenomenon, and realized that Mone possesses top qualities.

“I think she’s awesome. And I mean, super nice when I talk to her and stuff. But I was a fan of hers when I just watched her work. She was one of the frontline women that, in my mind, helped change the whole playing field from women wrestling being something that it was okay to not be the best. And then it changed to where it’s where it could compete with the men’s on whatever you judge a match by, you know what I mean? So it’s like, I’m a fan of that, as I’ve said, you know.”- RVD said, as quoted by wrestlingheadlines.com

Rob van Dam realized that many of the girls within the company possessed talent. Wrestling has come a long way compared to 20 or more years ago. There are many talents within the company who are ready to do everything to appear at the very top. Rob van Dam did not forget to mention other girls who, together with Mone, made a breakthrough and drew attention to women's wrestling.

“I’m happy that it’s come as far as it has. And Sasha is one of the wrestlers that I think of that was on that forefront when I saw it changing into like, ‘Holy crap, there’s these girls are having a really good match, and they’re all really talented and they look like they like they know what they’re doing.’”

What is known is that for years there have been prejudices regarding women and their careers. Nevertheless, over time, a new image of women's wrestling was created, and one of the most famous for it is Mercedes Mone. When many thought that Mone would not be able to succeed, it was in such moments that she felt the most motivation to 'turn off' prejudices and show the world how good she is.

Mercedes Mone
Mercedes Mone© Emma McIntyre / Getty Images Entertainment

“And you know, it used to not be so much that way. Like it used to be — when someone said, ‘You hit like a girl,’ that’s because girls you know kind of hit funny. And it used to be that girls kind of did everything a little funny or a little different when it came to wrestling. And that was just accepted, and they threw that out the window during the Sasha Banks era.”

RVD isn't the only one who had words of praise for Mercedes Mone. Many famous personalities of the wrestling scene have often emphasized how important Mone is for women's wrestling but also wrestling in general. One of those who emphasized the importance of Mone a few months ago is Daniel Garcia.

Daniel Garcia reacts to Mercedes Mone

Daniel Garcia looks up to Mercedes Mone. He thinks she's an amazing wrestler, not just among women but among everyone who wrestles. He says she acts like a superstar and is really good in the ring, showing lots of creativity. 

What makes every wrestler special is creativity. This is one of the qualities that the heads of wrestling companies especially respect. Creativity is emphasized in modern wrestling, and it is difficult to imagine a quality wrestler without creativity. Mone has shown her creativity many times so far and wowed the crowd.

Even though he hasn't met her, Garcia can tell she works really hard. When she took a break for a year, she used that time to train in different places like Mexico, Japan, and New York City to learn different wrestling styles and get better. Garcia likes how she always tries to learn and get better, never just being satisfied with being good.  

Although it is known what successes she has made in her career, Mone has always strived to progress and make a breakthrough in her career. It is known that during her career she had more and more success. This is due to her persistence, faith and confidence.

He enjoys watching her matches and learning from her moves, thinking she's one of the best wrestlers ever, no matter if they're a man or a woman.

In her time at WWE, which lasted ten years until 2022, Mercedes Mone, also known as Sasha Banks, was one of the most successful women in WWE history. She won the Women’s Championship six times, became the Women’s Tag Team Champion three times, and even headlined WrestleMania.

Mone is a great star who could really lift up AEW's women’s division, which needs some help. AEW President Tony Khan said he plans to sign more talent in 2024, especially to make the women’s division stronger.

It is still unknown what plans Mone has for the future, but it is certain that she is carefully weighing the options she has on the table. Mone is aware of how important it is to make the right decision at this moment and continue to build a career in the right direction.