Adam Copeland made a comparison between Triple H, Tony Khan and Vince McMahon

"With Paul [Levesque] and Tony [Khan], they're fans."- Copeland said.

by Sead Dedovic
Adam Copeland made a comparison between Triple H, Tony Khan and Vince McMahon
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Adam Copeland is one of the few who had the opportunity to work with Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Tony Khan. Each of them is unique and differs in many ways from one another. Copeland, talking to Notsam Wrestling, made a comparison between the three. Copeland was under the leadership of Vince McMahon for the longest time, who is certainly the most famous of these three names. Many wrestlers spoke about his leadership. McMahon is known as a businessman and a man who sees things from different angles. 

On the other hand, Tony Khan is a bit different. He gives the wrestlers a lot more freedom than McMahon. The main man of AEW is someone who doesn't get into conflicts that often, and allows his colleagues and wrestlers to have their say. At least that's what many wrestlers have confirmed so far.

Adam Copeland compares them

"With Paul [Levesque] and Tony [Khan], they're fans. I think Vince [McMahon] is to a degree, but I think he looks at it from more the business and more of the global thing. But at the heart of this thing, Hunter was a fan and Tony was a fan, so I think they come at it from that mindset. I think that might be the difference ... I think that the biggest difference I'd have to say I notice between the two companies is that with WWE now, it's a publicly traded company. There's the sponsors. There's a lot of different things to answer to. And with AEW, there's just a lot of freedom."- Copeland said, as quoted by

Each of the wrestlers requires special treatment and a different approach. For some, perhaps Triple H's approach will suit, while for others, Tony Khan's approach. In any case, the goal of each of the company's leaders is to help the wrestler become the best version of himself and for the company to experience growth.

Somewhat younger leaders have a lot to learn from Vince McMahon who has faced a lot in his career.

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