New statements by Booker T deepen the conflict with Ahmed Johnson

“What can he debate me on? I’ve achieved more in my professional career and my life than Ahmed."

by Sead Dedovic
New statements by Booker T deepen the conflict with Ahmed Johnson
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Booker T and Ahmed Johnson have not been on great terms for a long time. Their skirmishes started a long time ago, and it seems that day by day their conflicts only deepen. Johnson has already invited Booker T to a debate, but this wrestler is not ready for such things. Booker T believes that the successes he had in his career are reason enough why he does not need to be in any debate with Johnson. Booker T does not want to bother too much with the comments of individual wrestlers and has his own goal.

“What can he debate me on? I’ve achieved more in my professional career and my life than Ahmed, than Tony Norris will ever achieve in his life. You’ve read my book, ‘From Prison to Promise.’ You read my book and it tells you my whole story and for me to end up where I ended up and landed on my feet, it’s amazing. It’s amazing, all through hard work and determination and just believing in myself, you know, but someone like Tony Norris, we have nothing to debate about, as well as, I think I read that he challenged me to a fight. I do want to address that because I ain’t running and I ain’t hiding or anything like that. I think he invited me to his dojo to fight me, which we’re gonna go over here in a few seconds and you clean it up, but he said he invited me to his dojo. I can say this. “- Booker T said, as quoted by

Booker T made it clear that if things got physical with Tony Norris, he wouldn't take legal action. He mentioned that at his age, he's not interested in seeking out fights but wouldn't shy away from one if it happened. Booker T also expressed his strong negative feelings towards Norris, stating that he doesn't have any respect for him and prefers to avoid any further involvement with Norris.

Ahmed Johnson
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It's not the first time Booker T has shown such an attitude towards Johnson. Johnson's constant call outs have frustrated Booker T many times before. However, it is hard not to react to such things. Booker T simply has to show his teeth in such situations.

Booker T talked about a situation involving Ahmed Johnson that needed clarification. He mentioned Johnson accusing him of starting problems between them and trying to ruin his career during a WCW match. Booker T pointed out that Johnson had made these claims publicly but might not remember things correctly due to age-related memory issues. 

He suggested that Johnson should double-check the facts before making such statements, drawing from his habit of asking his wife for reminders when he forgets things.

Many wonder how long the conflict between these two will last, but such constant statements do not give optimism that we could soon see the end of their conflict.

Ahmed Johnson had previously made certain statements that frustrated Booker T. In one of the interviews, Johnson emphasized that Booker T robbed people. Booker T confirmed on his Hall of Fame podcast that he did indeed do it, but it happened when he was a kid. However, he had to hit back at Johnson and emphasize that he was part of the gang.

“I actually heard the interview…he said what a low life I was, going to prison for robbing people. And I must say, I did go to prison for robbing people…I was a kid, and I think I’ve atoned for every piece of dirt I put down back in the day. I was a kid that made a mistake. He talks about being in a gang as a youth himself. What do gangs do? What do they normally do? They’re normally not the pillars of society, I’m just saying.

I hope he tells that story, I really do. He’ll see a different side of me if he does tell a false story that’s totally not true. Because I’ve got facts, I’ve got receipts as far as everything I’m saying. If he tells a lie about me, he’s probably going to end up in court, and he’s probably going to end up getting sued from defaming me.“- Booker T said.

Their problems apparently started in childhood and continue to this day. Even then it was clear that Booker T and Johnson had no sympathy for each other. In a recent interview, Booker T recalled his boyhood days and the wrestling school he attended with Johnson.

Booker T on a past incident with Ahmed Johnson

Booker T reflected on a past incident with Ahmed Johnson at Ivan Putski's wrestling school. He remembered a disagreement during practice: while Booker T was working on certain moves like hip tosses and arm drags, Johnson wanted to practice power bombs instead. Booker T declined, which led to some tension between them. Booker T mentioned that he confronted Johnson, saying if there was a problem, he'd be waiting outside, and he stated his brother could confirm this incident.

It seems that after that there were no quarrels between them, but that was the first spark and an introduction to what would happen years later. Their relationship has not changed for a single moment. Both of them still have a dislike for each other, and the constant statements from day to day do not give optimism that this relationship will ever get better. It is to be expected that Johnson will soon react to Booker To's latest statements. His reaction will certainly not be mild.

Both of them marked an era of the wrestling scene and remained in the history of wrestling. Their quality could be noticed from the first day of their arrival in the company. For years they just continued to confirm what was expected of them.

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