Jim Ross gives an update on health and reacts to Samoa Joe's success

"They got to make sure that nothing was wrong with the bone in my tibia."- Ross said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jim Ross gives an update on health and reacts to Samoa Joe's success
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During "Grilling JR," Jim Ross talked about interesting topics of the wrestling scene. As a man who has been in the world of wrestling for years, Ross knows the situation well and is one of the most competent to comment on the happenings on the wrestling scene. At the moment, the biggest problem for Ross is his health. The injury he had is causing huge problems for Ross. Jim Ross is not too worried and is optimistic that he will receive great news. The leg injury is not the only problem for him. Ross has other health issues to contend with. However, Ross is known as a great fighter who never thinks of giving up. He is ready to rest, wait for results, and expect the best.

“It’s pretty good. I got an MRI yesterday. They got to make sure that nothing was wrong with the bone in my tibia. That’s where that radiation issue is located. So I haven’t got the results back yet. I had it done yesterday. So sooner or later, we’ll get the results of that. I don’t feel like there’s anything to be worried about, but my doctor just wants to be more cautious than not. The wound is healing, but it’s just, you know, as long as this blood sugar issue is prominent, it’s going to be hard to heal. I wish we had known that a year ago. But in any event, it is what it is and I’ll just make it work. That’s always been my mantra. The wound is still there. It still hurts, but I’ve kind of gotten adjusted to it in a way, which sounds morbid as hell, but it is what it is. You got to keep fighting so I’m going to keep fighting and get past this thing.”- Ross said, as quote by pwmania.com!

Jim Ross expressed his joy about being in Oklahoma and calling the main event for AEW Dynamite. He appreciated Tony Khan allowing him to join the announcers for a match, which he found pretty cool.  Jim Ross is someone who has always had respect for Khan and everything he does in the wrestling scene. Although many did not expect Tony to do great things, the progress of AEW year after year speaks volumes about how great Khan is at his job, and how much he means to AEW. Jim Ross recognized this long ago.

Feeling the fans' happiness to see him made him feel really good about the experience. He mentioned that things are going well, emphasizing the importance of staying positive and persevering until they reach their goals. He compared it to a race, stating that they're not at the finish line yet, but they're getting closer than ever before.  When fans look forward to your appearance, it tells you enough about how important you are to the company. Jim Ross has always been a fan favorite, given his history in wresting.

Jim Ross really liked Samoa Joe becoming the AEW Champion. He said Joe is tough and can make his fights look real. Jim thinks Joe is great for the job because he can have good fights with lots of different wrestlers, whether he's the good guy or the bad guy. He's happy Joe won because Joe knows a lot, leads well, and does a great job in the fights. Jim's really happy for Joe!

Samoa Joe
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Samoa Joe impressed all wrestling fans, not just Jim Ross. It is incredible with how much passion and motivation Joe enters the ring and is ready to show the best of himself. Matches like this speak volumes about his qualities. We will see what the future holds for this great wrestler, and whether the leaders of AEW will continue to trust him.

Samoa Joe said his main job as champion is to make sure fans have a blast watching AEW matches. He wants fans to feel sure that when they watch AEW, they'll have lots of fun. Joe wants to bring back that excitement and make sure everyone enjoys watching AEW shows.

This great wrestler has great ambitions for the future and wants to become unstoppable. He believes that AEW will go in the direction in which it is necessary to go, and that he will be key in the whole story.

What our athletes are able to accomplish inside the squared circle, it’s gonna become more focused, especially under my reign. We’re gonna do things head up and in your face and in front of the people. So I’m looking forward to this new era.”

Samoa Joe's view

Samoa Joe expressed that the main reason they do what they do in wrestling is for the fans. He emphasized creating a spectacular experience for those attending AEW shows, ensuring they have an amazing time. Joe stressed the importance of keeping the focus on serving the fans by delivering exciting matches and consistently providing entertainment. He wants the fans to have something to eagerly anticipate and enjoy when watching AEW events.

Fans have expressed their satisfaction with his performances many times so far and are delighted with what Samoa does year after year. AEW leaders have great hope and trust in him. AEW has an interesting concept at the moment, and Joe will certainly be one of the leaders of the whole concept. Khan announced even bigger things in the current and next year. We can expect anything from the AEW leader, and it seems that the situation has never been as exciting as it is now.

Several new names could appear, and individuals could also play a more important role in the coming period. The cards will be shuffled in any case. Someone will be more lucky, someone less, but it is necessary to work and believe in yourself!

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