Kurt Angle's incredible story about wrestling with broken neck

"I didn't know my neck was broken."- Angle said.

by Sead Dedovic
Kurt Angle's incredible story about wrestling with broken neck
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Kurt Angle is a wrestler with an extensive history. WWE fans recognize his qualities and the impact he made in wrestling. Since his debut in 1996, it was evident that Angle would amaze the world with his wrestling skills.

Kurt Angle dealt with a lot of injuries during his career, which stopped him from showing more of his talents. These injuries happened because Angle often pushed himself too much. There were moments in which, for sure, this great wrestler could think carefully about his next steps. However, he always understood that things must be the way he envisioned them. It helped him a lot in his career.

When you are so dedicated and ready to go 'above the limit' it is natural that injuries become a daily part of your career. The fact that Angle won his Gold Medal with a broken neck speaks volumes about his passion and desire to be the best. During an interview with Steel City Con, Angle explained how he was able to achieve his goal despite the fact that he had a broken neck.

"My neck was in so much pain, and my arms went completely numb, and I barely won the semifinals and I went on to the finals later on that day."-  Kurt Angle said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.com

Even though he felt something was wrong with his body, he aimed to persist and prove his qualities, highlighting his determination! His brothers' advice made him reconsider his next move. However, Angle's relentless nature means giving up isn't usually an option for him. 

Kurt Angle
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"I didn't know my neck was broken, but I felt something was off and wanted to step back from my next match. My brothers encouraged me to keep going because the loser had to enter a mini-tournament, adding more stress on my neck."

It is also clear that his brothers had similar thinking as Angle. The martial spirit of the Angle brothers can also be felt in his next sentences. They supported him from the beginning of his career and wanted Angle to go beyond his limits.  Who knows what would have happened that day and in which direction his career would have gone, if it weren't for his brothers who motivated him not to give up.

"And they're like 'No, you'll wrestle because you won't have to go in that mini tournament, so if there's something wrong with your neck, you might as well just try to wrestle tonight."- he continued.

Kurt must have been scared when doctors said his career could end. It seemed like all his dreams might vanish. Quitting wasn't what he wanted. He thought about other options. Novocain shots turned out to be a good choice, helping him achieve his dream.  After he managed to achieve his goal, his happiness could not be described. He knew it could be a prelude to great things.

"After winning the finals, the doctor said my wrestling career was done. But I was too 'stubborn' to agree. I looked for another opinion. This doctor suggested Novocain shots and rest, letting me continue in the Olympic trials. It worked! I won the trials and the Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck."

Such moments were always etched in the memory of this wrestler, who realized from that moment that there were no impossible things for him. He built his career on such a mentality: I am the best and nothing can stop me from being the best!

Kurt Angle and his injuries throughout his career

This 54-year-old still has problems due to the injuries he had in his career. A wrestler's body generally feels more and more consequences as it ages. It's a little hard to deal with the pain, but Angle was certainly aware that his body would feel the consequences after everything he'd been through.

Kurt Angle recently talked about having trouble with his hand movements. He had four more neck breaks while in WWE, making things worse. This caused nerve damage in his neck. 

Kurt Angle explained that his neck injury caused his arms to become smaller by three inches, and the muscles weakened. Even after five surgeries that didn't help much, he expects to have fusion surgery later on to fix the problem.  The only thing that can improve a person and encourage him to move on is optimism. If optimism is absent, then it is really difficult to expect positive things for you.

Kurt Angle talked about his body feeling weaker, especially in his arms, due to atrophy.  It is certainly not easy to deal with such problems day after day. However, he is a brave person who always believes that things will get better, and this time too.

He mentioned difficulty in lifting weights, like only managing 20-pound dumbbells for curls and 60-pound weights for triceps exercises.  It used to be unimaginable to him, but he knew that her only option was to accept the situation as it was.

Angle also pointed out a dip in his chest caused by nerve-related muscle damage that won't recover. Worried about things getting worse, he mentioned the possible need for fusion surgery to prevent further decline and the shrinking of his arms.

As we have already said, being a famous wrestler and achieving success year after year have other consequences for your body. Especially when you give your best and don't spare your body. Angle is the best example that a wrestler's career implies great sacrifice, but also great consequences. Angle built his name, gained a large number of fans, and will always be written in the history of this sport as one of the greatest. It would be difficult for many to imagine wrestling without a person like Kurt Angle.

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