Grayson Waller on potential WrestleMania opponents and his predictions from last year

"So for me, personally, it's all about getting on WrestleMania and being on that card."- Waller said.

by Sead Dedovic
Grayson Waller on potential WrestleMania opponents and his predictions from last year
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WWE star Grayson Waller has great plans for WrestleMania 40. While being a guest at The Collection with Brad Gilmore, Waller revealed how important it is to him to be on the card. Waller is not overly burdened with who he will face, given that he has some completely different priorities at the moment. Waller certainly has big goals for the challenges ahead. He wants to prove himself and show his quality in the best way. 

He did not forget to emphasize that the WWE roster has many quality names, who are ready to prove themselves. However, Waller has been waiting a long time for this kind of opportunity, which he does not want to miss. He is aware that this kind of opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and that he must take advantage of it.

"I think the roster in WWE right now is stacked, like from top to bottom it's kind of crazy. When you look at the SmackDown roster, which I'm a part of, you've got Roman Reigns, who's the champion and sometimes he's not even there, but those shows are still stacked. So, for me, personally, it's not about a person for WrestleMania 40, it's more about being on that card,"- he said, as quoted by!

He also emphasized that last year he watched WrestleMania 39 together with Carmelo Hayes. In those moments, he dreamed that he would be a part of WrestleMania. His dream became a reality. Waller showed that when you firmly believe in yourself and have a specific goal, there are no impossible things for you. The fact is, Waller has trained and worked hard to find himself in this role. Given the chance to be part of this big event and stand alongside famous wrestlers, he must show that he deserves respect from everyone as a wrestler.

"I got to attend last year with NXT, we were up in the box and watching it, and I told myself — I was sitting with Carmelo Hayes, at the time we were kind of a little bit closer friends, and I said to him, 'This is us next year.' And we both had that same vibe. So for me, personally, it's all about getting on WrestleMania and being on that card I don't care who's across from me type of thing."

The return of CM Punk and Randy Orton are one of the highlights of 2023. There was a lot of talk about the controversial CM Punk going back to where it all started. Although rumors circulated for days, there were still those who were not optimistic that it would actually come to that. CM Punk has caused himself a lot of trouble within AEW. Looking at his past in AEW, most expected that the WWE executives would not give CM Punk a second chance, given that he could do similar incidents. However, the WWE leaders often made controversial decisions that shocked many. The arrival of CM Punk certainly belongs to such decisions. Although his past is filled with various scandals, his arrival caused excitement among fans. Many are looking forward to the future and what they will see from CM Punk. Grayson don't have a great relationship with CM Punk, but also with Randy Orton.

CM Punk
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"I got to meet Punk for the first time last week. I'm not going to say anything else about that meeting. Same with Randy. Met him briefly in the past, got to meet him properly last week and I think Grayson Waller is who he is. So maybe those interactions aren't as polite and as nice as maybe in other instances."

Grayson Waller: John Cena compares Waller and The Miz 

Waller is a wrestler about whom many have a great opinion and predict great things for him in the future. Time will best show how correct such predictions are, but looking at what he has shown so far, Waller has already delighted many. The most important thing is that everyone recognizes him, and that he has become a name that many respect. John Cena spoke openly about Waller, who he compared to The Miz. John Cena mentioned that Grayson Waller reminds him a lot of The Miz, particularly in their confidence.  To become a big star you need to have conidence. If you don't have self-confidence, then it's really hard for you to realize your dreams. Waller worked a lot on himself and his confidence. It is clear that when he is in the ring there is nothing that can destroy his confidence. 

Cena praised Miz for his long 19-year career, calling him reliable, highly accomplished, and one of the best in WWE history. He thinks Grayson Waller's confidence and achievements are similar to Miz's, and he admires seeing someone new come in with such self-assurance. Cena admitted that, looking back at his own past, he wishes he had shown more confidence. The Miz is a wrestler who really has a lot in common with Waller.

When a legend like John Cena has such words for you, then it is certain that you possess qualities and that you are ready for great things. WrestleMania will be an opportunity for Grayson to silence the critics and show how much he can do this time. Fans are excited about WrestleMania, not only because of Waller, but also because of other wrestlers who will have the opportunity to impress everyone present.

The future will bring great stories for this wrestler, we have no doubt about that. In many interviews, he emphasized that there are specific goals that he will try to achieve in the coming period. Waller now has to stay focused and keep believing in himself!