Teddy Long on AEW: Whatever happens to them, they deserve it

Long believes that AEW leaders are doing the wrong things

by Sead Dedovic
Teddy Long on AEW: Whatever happens to them, they deserve it
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Former WWE manager Teddy Long isn't particularly happy with AEW's work. Speaking to Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Long highlighted several issues and explained why AEW is not going in the right direction. Long is a man with vast experience in the wrestling scene, and his opinion can certainly be a red alarm for the leaders of AEW. Namely, Long emphasized that there are leadership problems within the company as well as individual favoritism. When the company functions in a way that favors individuals, it is difficult to expect progress. However, on the other hand, many believe that AEW is currently giving a chance to the best.

Teddy Long
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"Whatever happens to them, they deserve it because they had it, but what they did is listen to other people that didn't want certain people in so [they say] 'Hey, bring my guy not him. He ain't going to do us any good, let's bring him.' It's all favoritism, and some of them, that's all they know — favoritism. There's no leadership there, so that's what's their problem."- Long said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.com

Teddy Long reacts to QT Marshall leaving the job

Teddy Long talked about why AEW's Vice President of Show and Creative Coordination QT Marshall left his job at AEW. Long thinks Marshall was probably given an important role at AEW at the beginning. But later, things changed behind the scenes, and some people formed a tight group. Marshall might not have been part of that group, which might have made his job harder. Long thinks this change affected Marshall's power and importance at AEW, making him decide to quit. He believes that because Marshall didn't fit in with this important group, he lost his status at AEW and chose to resign.

The fact is that many do not know what is happening within AEW, and that there is a lot that could come to light in the coming period. Some believe that there is a lot of truth in Long's words, while on the other hand, AEW fans do not want to look back on such words and believe in success and progress.