Kevin Nash criticizes AEW shows and explains why

Kevin Nash is not particularly impressed with the AEW production

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Nash criticizes AEW shows and explains why
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Wrestling fans often make comparisons between AEW and WWE, highlighting the crucial differences and what makes one company different from the other. WWE is a company with history behind it, but it must also be acknowledged that AEW has been doing great things lately, and they are making progress year after year. Those slightly older fans often express dissatisfaction with the work of AEW and the main people, criticizing many aspects. Kevin Nash, during his Kliq This podcast, brought up Jim Ross's entrance in his hometown of Oklahoma City, expressing surprise at the sight of empty seats. Nash was surprised after seeing such a scene. He didn't expect that!

"They showed a thing on Instagram, and I don't think that they did it for effect, where they brought back JR in Oklahoma City. And JR came down and they showed him, they played his music and down he came the ramp and then they showed ... whoever was taking the shot of him, clearly the entire upper deck was wide open, the bottom deck — as I'm looking towards the ramp, so the right-hand side which would be opposite hard camera — the bottom bowl's not full," said Nash, as quoted by

Kevin Nash reacts

Kevin Nash highlighted the importance of the show looking visually appealing to the audience, likening the expectation to that of a highly detailed cutscene from a video game. He feels that AEW's production sometimes falls short of creating that visually captivating experience. AEW production often gets complaints, but they don't seem to have any special reaction to it.

Kevin Nash
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"I think we're so optically driven that if your show doesn't look like a cutscene from a video game, it's like watching a *snuff film. I think sometimes the production of AEW is [not good] ... I mean to say it * lacks opposed to the opposition," - he concluded.

AEW leaders are used to constant criticism. The fact is that AEW does certain things wrong, at least judging by the reactions of wrestling fans, but many do not blame them for that. Tony Khan has a clear goal, he strives for progress and he has emphasized many times so far what ideas he has. Messages from people who have been on the wrestling scene for years can also be a motive for changes within the company.

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