Samoa Joe on his rivalry with MJF

“MJF presents some unique challenges for me."- Joe said.

by Sead Dedovic
Samoa Joe on his rivalry with MJF
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Samoa Joe spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about interesting topics from the wrestling scene, as well as his career. His feud with MJF turned out to be a great thing for this wrestler, as his popularity skyrocketed after that.

“I recognize it’s an opportunity to get a bit more TV time. I like to have time to get the story across as well as advance things long-term.”- Samoa Joe said, as quoted by!

Joe is ready to 'destroy' MJF and show him that he is the absolute ruler. It will be a great chance for Joe to convince the fans of his strength and readiness at this moment.

“MJF presents some unique challenges for me. He’s got an abrasive tongue and wit. He’s duplicitous when he needs to be. But I plan to take a healthy MJF and beat him in due course. I’ll pummel him unmercifully when the time comes at Worlds End.”

Samoa Joe reacts to Continental Classic tournament: Fantastic tournament

He only had words of praise for the Continental Classic tournament. It is a tournament in which each individual gave his best. Joe emphasized that this tournament itself caused excitement among the wrestlers who were looking forward to a great challenge.

It’s been a fantastic tournament, with matches defying expectations every single night. Everybody’s giving 120% in the ring. It’s one of the best new things to come along in a while. When the participants were first announced, that sparked more excitement in the locker room than just about anything lately, and everybody’s gone so far above and beyond as a result.”

Joe is currently one of the most interesting personalities on the wrestling scene and attracts a lot of attention. His feud with MJF attracted special attention.

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