Can Mick Foley return to Royal Rumble 2024?

In his latest interview with WWE The Bump, Foley talked about this issue

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Can Mick Foley return to Royal Rumble 2024?
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In the Royal Rumble, in addition to the winner, there are always also many special entrances, of former WWE Superstars, surprise returns and Hall of Famers who return to compete in the ring after years of inactivity. Mick Foley also expressed his opinion on this possibility in his latest interview with WWE The Bump.

In his words, Foley categorically ruled out his return to the ring, saying: "At the Royal Rumble people get together and celebrate. It really makes people happy. So I'm waiting and maybe I could be there... no, that's the way it is.

I'd have to lose at least 30kg just to be in terrible shape, so I won't be there." The Royal Rumble, the first Big Four to open the company's calendar every year, is highly anticipated by fans for the 2024 season. The event is expected to have almost all of the greatest wrestlers on the planet in the ring.

The 30 man and 30 woman matches, which effectively begin the Road to WrestleMania, always attract a lot of people and a lot of attention towards the WWE, given that the winners of the real fights will go to one of the main events of the Showcase of the Immortals as the headliner of the PPV.

Becky Lynch's manager Mick Foley and all the truth

Speaking on his Foley is Pod podcast, WWE legend Mick Foley was asked a few months ago if he would like to actively return to the world of professional wrestling, but perhaps in a managerial role.

"I can't think of anyone off the bat. Because honestly, I don't think I have much to offer in a management role. You know who always wanted me to do an angle, kind of from a management perspective? Becky Lynch. She brought it up a couple of times.

I said: Becky, if you have a chance to talk to the higher-ups, I would! But she's doing really well on her own. So I can't help but think of someone who might benefit from the fact that I'm standing ringside as a middle-aged man. So I'm still open to any ideas," explained the WWE Hall of Famer.

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