Matt Hardy's reaction to CM Punk's WWE return: It was a shocking move

"Obviously, it was gonna get people talking"- Hardy said.

by Sead Dedovic
Matt Hardy's reaction to CM Punk's WWE return: It was a shocking move
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Matt Hardy is one of the wrestlers who also reacted to CM Punk's return to WWE. Although many did not expect that CM Punk would become a part of WWE, he surprised everyone and impressed many. Hardy believes that WWE should not be criticized for such a move.

They knew that the arrival of CM Punk would cause great interest. In addition, Hardy has nothing against CM Punk who wants to build his career in another company. He is ready to show once again how great he is, but this time many expect that the CM will not make incidents.

“You can’t hate that move by WWE, for sure. It was a shocking move. Obviously, it was gonna get people talking. It’s business, and it’s good for business. I would imagine it’s an environment where I think Phil would be on his best behavior there.

If that makes him happy and he’s good with that, then I’m fine with that too. I’m cool with that. It is what it is. ”- Hardy said, as quoted by! Surprisingly, CM Punk's return generated a lot more positive reactions than some expected.

It will be a great motivation for him to show his qualities.

Matt Hardy reveals the reasons for not being part of Dynamite

The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast was an opportunity for this great wrestler to reveal why he and Jeff weren't part of AEW Dynamite.

Jeff has problems with Canada, so Matt didn't want to be a part of it. “No Matt at Dynamite tonight, and the reason being, it is in Canada, and my brother still has issues getting into Canada right now, and since Jeff wasn’t gonna be there, then I wasn’t going to be needed to be there”. - he said.

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