Chris Jericho: "Only one person in WWE could stand up to Vince McMahon"

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Chris Jericho: "Only one person in WWE could stand up to Vince McMahon"

WWE owner Vince McMahon is known for having very strict opinions and anything he decides he doesn't want to be questioned. It is really hard for anyone to tell the Chairman that he is wrong and there are many who say that Vince McMahon manages the Raw and SmackDown rosters making various changes and without wanting to hear any criticism.

However, there is a WWE employee who could freely express his opinion and question the words of Vince McMahon. During a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, former WWE and now All Elite Wrestling wrestler Chris Jericho revealed that the late Hall of Famer Pat Patterson was the character in question.

Here are his statements about it: "Some days it's true it's almost impossible to talk to him but the reality is that the only one who could get away with it was Chris Jericho and he was the only one who could tell Vince 'This show sucks', surely I think no one else could ever do that.

. When Vince held meetings he asked if everyone agreed and the various Yes Man said yes, this is fantastic. The only one who objected was Pat who said: 'This is terrible, this is really terrible! Where are the young people, but what are we doing? Then everybody would look at Pat perplexed and think 'Oh my God, he's criticizing Vince McMahon.

The truth is that he could do it, he had a great relationship that had been going on for many years and so Vince was fine with it. Chris Jericho then continued by adding that Pat Patterson was a guy who always had his say but at the same time it must be said that all decisions were up to Vince McMahon, he is the absolute owner and commander and practically does what he likes inside the federation since WWE is his.

Vince McMahon is the column of WWE but there are people who are very trustworthy and among them the main WWE executives like Bruce Prichard and Kevin Dunn who Vince trusts and listens to most of the things they say.

Vince McMahon hates Xmas time!

After leaving WWE to pursue a new career in fledgling All Elite Wrestling, Jim Ross has used every single opportunity to throw some digs at his former company. In the latest edition of his now famous Grilling JR podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed some aspects of Vince McMahon's personality.

Jim recalled one of the most tragic events in Stamford's federation history, namely the death of Owen Hart, which generated a long and painful legal dispute between WWE itself and the Canadian wrestler's family. The valuable work done over the years by Owen's brother, Bret, has played a vital role in at least partially mending a huge tear.

"Vince McMahon was really busy making the shows at that time, so he neglected my job. I really enjoyed those days. We could have confronted what had happened and vented each other out, but I would never have asked them.

He never liked discussing these things, especially if there were many people around him," said Jim Ross, whose relationship with Vince McMahon has been characterized by countless ups and downs. Changing the subject, JR revealed how the WWE boss doesn't care about the holiday season at all.

"They couldn't care less about Christmas. It's all work and business for him. It could very well be a day when they will work for a show, I myself have done this many times over the holidays. His favorite celebration is Thanksgiving, no doubt about it.

He can mentally justify resting and enjoying a cake, since his wife is an excellent cook." WWE has also suffered a lot from the consequences of the pandemic, as admitted by Stephanie McMahon herself in a recent interview.

"I realized what a privilege it is to be part of such a brand. We have given comfort to many people in difficulty."