Lana's injury worries the WWE world

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Lana's injury worries the WWE world

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw we first witnessed a big surprise and then a traumatic and unpleasant episode. During the last edition of the red show before the TLC Pay per View, Lana and the Tag Team champion Nia Jax competed.

The match seemed pretty obvious on paper but The Ravishing Russian surprised the entire WWE Universe and literally shocked the wrestling world by picking up the unthinkable and getting the winning pin. However, the evening did not end there for Miro's partner and things no longer went very well.

After the victory, an enraged Nia Jax, together with her partner Shayna Baszler (who in the meantime had previously attacked Asuka in the backstage) attacked Lana hard and heavily injured her until the returning Japanese female champion came to help her partner.


WWE reactions to Lana's injury

At the end of the episode of Raw, Vince McMahon's federation released exclusive backstage footage with Lana who, completely broken and on a stretcher, was transported on an ambulance with Asuka carefully checking that everything was going smoothly.

The WWE world appeared very shaken by the images of poor Lana who at TLC would have had the chance to win the Tag Team title together with Asuka and instead will now be out of action with the Japanese without a partner and who knows how she will handle the situation a few days after event the entire WWE.

WWE has turned the tide around Lana again. The wrestler, humiliated several times and crashed on the table by Hell Nia Jax, had taken a small revenge by coming out as the only winner from Team RAW at the Survivor Series and the whole WWE Universe was becoming fond of the Tag Team couple made up of Lana and Asuka , but now this serious injury complicates WWE's plans with everyone curious about how this difficult situation will end.

According to what was reported by the well-known website PWInsider, Lana should now remain out of the scene for at least 3-4 weeks, so as to be able to better sell her injury, with the Insider journalists who have in fact stated: "What emerged from the discussions on Raw is that Lana should be off TV for several weeks, possibly between 3 and 4 weeks."

At the moment, WWE has not yet announced anything about the athlete who will replace Lana in the ppv, even if the surprise entry of Mandy Rose on Raw could suggest her use in that of TLC. In the very last few hours, however, another great athlete who has been missing for a few months now seems to have started posting more and more content related to his possible return to the ring, with Charlotte Flair who according to many fans and professionals could turn out to be Asuka's mysterious partner for her TLC match.