Kurt Angle's reaction to CM Punk and Randy Orton's return


Kurt Angle's reaction to CM Punk and Randy Orton's return
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CM Punk's comeback is the talk of all podcasts and shows. What was rumored for weeks finally came true. CM Punk returned to where it all started and is starting a new chapter in his career. His promo got mixed reactions, mostly positive.

Many think this is a chance for CM Punk to shine again. Some worry he might repeat past incidents. Kurt Angle, on his show, said it's great to see CM Punk back but hopes he avoids past issues.
“It’s great news,” Angle said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

“I’m really surprised he’s back. I will say this: if he keeps his nose clean and doesn’t ruffle any feathers, he’s gonna have a great time there. He’s gonna really be huge for the company, but we know that CM Punk can sometimes get himself in trouble.

Hopefully, he won’t”.

Kurt Angle reacts to Randy Orton's return: The best news I've heard

Randy Orton's WWE return was also one of the topics. Many are excited about current events in the wrestling scene. Randy Orton is a legend of this sport, as he has many successes behind him.

The fact that Angle thinks it's the best news in WWE in a few years speaks volumes about how important Orton's return is. “Yes, he looks like a Superstar,” Angle continued. “Randy Orton being back in the WWE, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a couple of years.

Randy is really special. He’s an unbelievably talented individual, and I think WWE really needed him”. Orton faced numerous injuries in his career, especially with his back. But it looks like he's overcome that hurdle and is ready for big things.

"His back wasn’t getting better, he was really frustrated and I’m just glad that he was able to make it back,” Angle concluded.

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