Will Ospreay reveals how Tony Khan changed his life


Will Ospreay reveals how Tony Khan changed his life
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Will Ospreay spoke to Sports Illustrated about his decisions. Ospreay had doubts about whether his decisions would cause resentment from Tony Khan. However, when he realized that Khan was supporting him, he was delighted. Ospreay only confirmed what many were saying; Khan is a person who rarely reacts in a negative way.

“At the time, Tony asked what I was interested in doing next in my career. I said my focus was on Japan, and he respected that. I’ll always remember how he respected how I felt. I also need to mention that night was the only singles match I’ve ever wrestled against PAC–that’s something I want to throw out there so we can run it back and put it to rest between us”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Will Ospreay: Tony Khan has genuinely changed my life

Ospreay is happy that Khan had faith in him. Although at certain moments Tony did not have to trust Ospreay, he decided that it was the best option.

Will will never forget it. Khan is the person who changed his life. Therefore, Ospreay wants to thank him in the best possible way! “People need to remember this–since then, I’ve built a trust and respect with Tony.

That’s very important to me. When Tony had me work matches for AEW, like I did this summer at All In at Wembley Stadium, he didn’t have to do that. He trusted me. That meant the world to me. Now that I’m coming to AEW, I trust him with the aura of Will Ospreay and the character of Will Ospreay.

Tony Khan has genuinely changed my life. In return, I am going to deliver the best matches I can deliver”. - he concluded. Having such support in your career from your boss certainly gives you extra confidence.

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