Booker T reacts to CM Punk's return: Tony Khan's role


Booker T reacts to CM Punk's return: Tony Khan's role
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The Hall of Fame podcast was a chance for Booker T to react to CM Punk's return to WWE. Booker T specifically pointed out AEW's mistake in the whole story. He thinks that Tony Khan must have a different attitude. “This is huge.

It’s huge because it’s a huge blow. The Chicago market has been huge for AEW, bringing CM Punk in was a huge plan to really boost that thing to the next level. Bottom fell out, still tried to run Chicago, now it’s going to be so hard for that company to step back into Chicago without someone like CM Punk.

That goes back to my ol’ addage, just keep your damn mouth shut, take care of your business, and then you might not fall into potholes like this one right here. This is just one pothole. Those potholes are going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

This goes back to when I was in WCW, we were running for 83 weeks, the bottom fell out, the company got sold. All those guys were looking for a job. Ted Turner, you think he missed any champagne wishes and steak dinner? Ah nah.

He said, ‘Let me pull the plug on this.’ Sooner or later, I feel like Tony Khan will be doing the same thing if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut and run his company”. - he said, as quoted by!

Booker T reacts

Booker T emphasized that this is a huge blow to AEW. Considering the hopes they placed in CM Punk and the effort that went into it, it all disappeared in a quick period. “It was a bigger blow to AEW.

It was a huge win for WWE as well. They’re both equal. It was a huge blow just because of the build up, how much they put into that thing, for it to just fall apart the way it did. It’s a huge blow to AEW”.

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