Jim Ross reacts to CM Punk's return

“Phil’s a friend. I didn’t always agree with him"- Ross said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jim Ross reacts to CM Punk's return
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CM Punk's return is currently the main topic on the wrestling scene. Jim Ross is one of those who reacted to CM Punk's return. Ross thinks that the AEW fans were a part of the whole show. “It was a perfect booking decision,” Ross said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

“It was a great creative move. (The pop) was sustained chaos. I guarantee you there’s a lot of AEW fans that went to Survivor Series. They’re wrestling fans. They don’t have this brand-b*t where I’m only going to support one brand.

So you must not really be a wrestling fan then, right? How could you be a wrestling fan and not be happy for the success of others within your industry? I don’t get it. So anyway, it was great booking, good judgment by Paul Levesque.

It was the perfect end to the show”.

Jim Ross on CM Punk

He's thrilled that his friend got another opportunity to show his abilities. It's important for him to realize this time that he shouldn't make the same mistakes again.

Even though Ross and CM Punk often have differences of opinion, they still have respect for each other. “Phil’s a friend. I didn’t always agree with him, and I certainly agreed with him more than not on some of his issues.

I don’t know, man. He’s just a friend. I’m happy for my friends that find success in their chosen vocation. I wish him the best of luck on his journey. I don’t agree with all the * that went on with him. I think he could have handled it a little differently as probably everybody could if you go back and look at it in hindsight. But the bottom line is he left and he was a great get, timely, and I loved the surprise”.

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