Rob Van Dam wasn't happy when Triple H offered to help him


Rob Van Dam wasn't happy when Triple H offered to help him
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The One of a Kind podcast was an opportunity for WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam to talk about Triple H once offering to help him with promos in WWE. Almost 20 years have passed since that happened. Van Dam was not happy that Triple H was offering to help.

He felt Triple H didn't understand him. “I was asked about this like a year or two ago. Otherwise, I would have forgot because it’s a really faint memory. But sometime, and this would have been before 2004, I think it was Hunter, offered, I think he pulled me aside and offered [to] help me with my promos.

I think I was insulted by that. My ego [and] competitiveness made me feel like he was saying I couldn’t talk, and I was like, I don’t want to talk like him. ‘I’m RVD, he just don’t get me.’ I think I felt more like that, and that probably, very good chance, could have led to some of the long-term that I had while I was there, possibly, looking back at it”.

- Rob Van Dam said, as quoted by!

RVD: It was hard to draw the line

RVD faced difficulty in distinguishing between his character and the responsibilities of his role. At times, he felt uncomfortable with what he had to express.

Reflecting on this, RVD acknowledges his mistake and feels he should have approached these situations differently. “It was hard to draw the line between being true to myself and doing the job, which, it’s being professional and just, ‘Produce this.

We need you to say this. Boom, Say it.’ I gave a * about a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have given a * about. Maybe. Who knows?” Experience is the best teacher. It's never too late to figure it out.

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