Ex-WWE writer on CM Punk's return: That was a missed opportunity


Ex-WWE writer on CM Punk's return: That was a missed opportunity
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Former WWE writer Vince Russo shared insights on CM Punk's return to RAW, generating excitement among fans. While many doubted Punk's comeback, this great wrestler surprised everyone. Yet, the ex-WWE writer expresses dissatisfaction with the WWE executives' planning of the entire scenario.

He highlighted that they should have made better use of this opportunity. “What I would have done, you’ve got a guy coming back to WWE after a 10-year hiatus. You gotta go to everybody in the back and let them shoot with how they really feel.

That’s what you gotta do throughout the entire show, not a stupid graphic. Literally, if I’m writing or producing the show, we’re gonna come around and ask you what you think about CM Punk being here, and you are 100% gonna shoot about it.

That’s what I’m doing. I would have done that throughout the entire show. I really felt that was a missed opportunity”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Vince Russo reacts

The story could not go without mentioning Randy Orton.

Vince Russo believes that many elements are missing. The fact that CM Punk was back after so long could certainly have influenced the WWE executives to make a great story. “Think about Randy Orton, bro. As a shoot, a year and a half , Randy Orton returns, gets the big win at the Survivor Series, but then he’s upstaged.

CM Punk comes out after that big win. Bro, that’s got to be part of the story. Somebody’s gotta say, ‘Bro, nothing’s changed about you man. You picked your spot.’ I thought Orton should’ve said it.

She [Rhea] said it, but Orton was the one that should’ve said it, but that’s what I mean, bro, they miss such important elements that can really, really, really go somewhere”.

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