Shawn Spears credits CM Punk for WWE re-signing in 2013


Shawn Spears credits CM Punk for WWE re-signing in 2013
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The “Wrestling is Life is Wrestling” podcast was an opportunity for AEW star Shawn Spears to talk about CM Punk and the great act. CM Punk was the person who helped him re-sign his contract with WWE in 2013. After he left the company, Spears had contact with many people within WWE, including CM Punk.

“So, I made good friends with Cody [Rhodes] who’s one of my closest friends to this day… I met guys like [CM] Punk there … [and] Joey Mercury. And, the reason why I bring those guys up is because in my quest to get back [to the WWE] in those 4 and a half years [after I was released the first time] I still kept in contact with the Codys and the Punks and the Mercurys… just checking in."- he said, as quoted by!

CM Punk

CM Punk was the wrestler who wanted Spears back and mentioned his name. Shawn can't and won't ever forget that. Really, this is an indication that even people who don't have a great opinion of many know how to do great things behind the screen.

"An opportunity came up to for another tryout and the only reason I got that was because CM Punk, who was the world champion at the time, put my name [on a list]. He was asked for 10 guys on the indies who he thought should be signed and he put my name on that list.

I didn’t get back into that tryout because I’d been killing it on the indies. I was just pretty much primarily working in Canada. I wasn’t making waves anywhere else. I didn’t work for any other companies.

I got back there because the connections and context I had made my first time around [with guys like CM Punk]”.

Cm Punk