Cody Rhodes shares Randy Orton's post-Survivor Series WarGames conversation


Cody Rhodes shares Randy Orton's post-Survivor Series WarGames conversation
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Cody Rhodes covered some interesting points during the Survivor Series: WarGames post-show press conference. One of the topics was what Randy Orton said to him after the Men's War Games Match. After the match, Randy came up to Cody and thanked him for the phone call.

There is a huge respect between the two, considering the past.
“At the end of the match, Randy said to me, ‘Thanks for the phone call.’ And I wanted to tell him ‘Thanks for my career.’ I keep thinking this is going to end and I couldn’t have gotten to where I got had I not been around Randy”.

- he said, as quoted by! Randy Orton has achieved incredible success in his career, serving as a mentor to numerous young wrestlers who gained invaluable lessons from him. He's been a memorable mentor to many, including Cody Rhodes, who appreciates Orton for everything.

Rhodes acknowledges that without Orton's guidance, his career might not have reached such heights.
“Randy is so wild and chaotic and you hear all these funny stories about him and all this nonsense, but as a performer, a professional wrestler, WWE superstar.

What an outstanding mentor he was to me truly”. - he continued.

Cody Rhodes wanted to be like Cody Rhodes

Even when he was younger, Rhodes dreamed of becoming like Orton one day. One moment especially remained in his memory.

“I’ll never forget standing in the ring at the Royal Rumble when he won, pointing at the star WrestleMania sign and just thinking, ‘I want to be like him.’ That’s [as] nice as I’m gonna get about [him].

I was really touched”. - he concluded. Fortunately, Rhodes built a great career and achieved enormous success. However, many are only now expecting to see even greater things from him.

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