Bray Wyatt's sister shares new insights from her late brother


Bray Wyatt's sister shares new insights from her late brother
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Bray Wyatt and his memory still managed to get everyone moving for a tribute to him, with athletes from WWE, AEW, independent federations and fans from all over the globe, who wrote the best dedications on social media or created photos, videos and content for him.

Bo and Bray's sister Mika Rotunda posted previously unseen photos of the WWE Superstar during her Universal Champion reign in 2019.

Mika Rotunda shares a beautiful post for his late brother

These were the photos with dedication from Windham's sister, on her Instagram account: "I've seen this first photo all over the internet, for years now.

What the internet wont tell you— is that @thewindhamrotunda's annoying little sister made him go outside on Christmas Eve and do an impromptu photoshoot with his title because I thought it was important. In my photo album, I've got about 30 photos of him posing down by the pond in our parents side yard.

And I absolutely love that nobody knows the context of a photo that's been posted hundreds of times and even on TV. I find it, awesome. He also decided to post it and promote a t-shirt line I was partnered in with some friends at the time.

Knowing that his five minutes of time and thoughtful share of him, would be massive for us. And it was. Oddly enough, Windham never wanted to have pictures taken. And he was always humble. To an astonishing degree. And I always was the one to push the family photos and capture the moments.

I'm so happy, that despite however many times he flicked off the camera or told me not to take a picture—in true younger sibling fashion, I didn't listen. While there are thousands of memories with him I don't have photos of.

But only recollections, I am learning that by no means— will I ever stop capturing the beautiful moments while I can. Or when I remember too. I wish I had a hundred more of these photoshoots in my phone to stay at and relive the moment.

I don't. But, I cherish the ones I do. He was such a magical person. I love you more, Windham."

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