An incredible match with Brock Lesnar 37 at Wrestlemania?

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An incredible match with Brock Lesnar 37 at Wrestlemania?

There are just a few days left and in WWE all thoughts are turned to the next TLC Pay per View, but rumors continue to grow about what is considered by everyone as the most important event of the year, or rather the news about what will happen at WrestleMania 37.

WrestleVotes colleagues took stock of what could happen at Wrestlemania 37 with the match between The Rock and Roman Reigns looking further and further from happening. The current WWE Universal Champion is expected to challenge Goldberg, presumably for the title.

This was the same plan planned for Wrestlemania 36, ​​but it all fell apart when The Big Dog was forced to stop momentarily due to the Pandemic.

Another match in which the federation and the WWE Universe believe a lot is yet another rematch in the feud between the Legend Killer Randy Orton and Edge, currently stopped due to an injury.

Initially there was also talk of a meeting between Orton and Bray Wyatt in the show of The Immortals but the reality is that with the upcoming match at TLC this hypothesis seems to move away and the most credible option is precisely the match between The Viper and Edge.

The Main Event or in any case the most anticipated match of the evening could however be the one for the WWE Champion title. According to colleagues at WrestleVotes there could be an incredible Triple Threat Match between current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, possible Rumble winner Keith Lee (there are many to give it as a favorite) and finally none other than Brock Lesnar with The Beast who would return specifically for the Wrestlemania match and would thus try to take his revenge perhaps by winning the title.

The first rumors about Wrestlemania 37 appear but it seems certain that this three-way match would intrigue everyone and literally drive the WWE Universe crazy. Currently Brock Lesnar is firm and without a contract with the WWE, it was even hypothesized that he would join other federations, but apparently Vince McMahon does not want to leave one of his favorite wrestlers and would be ready to relaunch him in what many would like to be one of the best Wrestlemania of recent years.

Gerald Brisco on Brock Lesnar

In a recent interview with WrestlingINC Daily, Gerald Brisco revealed to fans how he managed to get WWE to sign a very young Brock Lesnar. Brisco said: "Brock Lesnar tended to get distracted easily.

I was a close friend and teammate at Oklahoma State University of his college coach. I first saw Brock Lesnar when he was junior in college and had just lost in the national championship, but he was already a beast. He shouldn't have lost, but things went wrong.

I immediately had a mental projection of what he could become, but I knew he was a junior, so I would have to call one of my best friends from college to ask him for help. I remember calling Jay Robinson and saying: Jay, I know Brock Lesnar is a junior, but I want him in WWE.

He replied that it was fine, but that I had to be careful to keep Lesnar on the right path, as he was a pretty easily distracted guy. As we would find out later, he went back and forth between WWE and the UFC. The following year, after the conclusion of the national championship, I was allowed to get in touch with him and I was promised an additional bonus!"