Randy Orton is ready to return to the WWE ring!

After over a year of absence, the Killer Legend should soon return to a WWE event!

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Randy Orton is ready to return to the WWE ring!
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Randy Orton is about to come back in WWE! At the end of the main event, in fact, after seeing Drew McIntyre win against Jey Uso and gain advantages for his match at the Series, Cody Rhodes made it clear without naming names, that Randy Orton will be back to help his team in the PPV!

After more than a year of absence from the WWE rings due to serious back problems, the Legend Killer will return to the scene with the WWE, with the federation having already prepared everything for his return, starting with the products to be marketed under the name of him on top.

As we see from the official WWE show and from several photos that have started to circulate in the last few hours, including the articles on Ringside News, WWE has prepared a whole new line of merchandising for Orton's return, with fans who will be able to purchase new t-shirts, sweatshirts and socks with the logo and name of The Viper, awaiting his return to the scene.

Randy Orton's return, finally!

During Monday night's episode of Raw, the heels of Judgment Day, aided by the brute force of Drew McItyre, began attacking Jey Uso after the main event of the evening, with the team face starting to counterattack, with Cody Rhodes and partners who chased everyone away with a steel chair from the center of the ring.

Throughout the evening, Raw General Manager Adam Pearce asked the team made up of Cody, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn to choose the fifth member for their team in the War Games scheduled for the next Survivor Series .

After giving some advice that already led to the name of Randy Orton, at the end of Raw everything became official. Microphone in hand, in fact, the American Nightmare said that at the Series, they will be helped by someone who has built a Legacy with him and that the Apex Predator would enter the ring.

In the end, the name of Randy Orton was understood , even if it didn't come out, to the happiness of the fans waiting in the arena, with this being the return match of the multiple WWE world champion, after over a year of absence.

Randy Orton