Booker T reflects on feeling intimidated wrestling Kurt Angle

"I know how good of a wrestler he is, and I can’t get drowned"

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T reflects on feeling intimidated wrestling Kurt Angle
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The Kurt Angle Show podcast garners significant interest due to its consistently intriguing topics and guests. In a recent episode featuring Booker T, he discussed his match with Kurt Angle and admitted feeling intimidated.

Booker T emphasized that such energy was necessary for him to perform at his best.
“Kurt was one of the guys that always wanted to work. I was intimidated a little bit. Intimidation for me always worked for me. Nervous energy was something that I needed to actually be able to go out and perform.

And every fight that I was in I might have had when I was a kid, I might have started crying after, even if I beat him up. With Kurt, I said, man, I’ve just got to be able to keep up with him. I said, ‘Man, if I could just keep up with him, I’d be okay.

‘And that’s the only thing I thought about when I went into the ring with Kurt was keeping up with him. and what that means is, I know how good he is."- Booker T said, as quoted by!

Booker T on the match vs Kurt Angle

Before his match with Kurt Angle, Booker T had many thoughts.

He feared that at certain moments, he wouldn't perform at his best. He still regrets that their storyline wasn't fully completed.
"I know how good of a wrestler he is, and I can’t get drowned. I can’t let myself make it look like at one moment that I can’t keep up with.

I’m tired. I’m lagging. I’m lackluster. I got to make sure everything is solid. I’m gonna whack him as hard as I possibly can in certain instances, you know what I mean? But it was as real and as intense as it possibly could be.

The one thing about Kurt is and I just wish we could have finished our story. I was on the verge of having a classic match. Charles Robinson, the referee, screwed it up by count. Count the three counts. And we and Kurt and I don’t know, Kurt realized this, but we never worked again after that”.

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